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1. Introduction
2. Here’s a quick comparison of the most popular ayurvedic tooth powder available today.
3. Where to find the Best AyurvedicTooth Powder in India?

Ayurvedic tooth powder have been used in India since ancient times.At that time, people did not use toothpaste but instead they use ayurvedic tooth powder and neem sticks or datun to clean their teeth. 

Slowly, in an effort to keep pace with the western world, we changed our affiliation to more glamorous looking, branded toothpaste. What we failed to notice at the time was that these toothpastes were based on chemicals that could do more harm than good. But, this could stay hidden only for so long. Realising the ill effects, many people have turned back to traditional tooth powder for their dental hygiene. 

Here’s a quick comparison of the most popular ayurvedic tooth powder available today.


1.Therapeutic Benefits

The basic function of every tooth powder is to keep your teeth clean and reduce the risk of dental infections. Whether you choose to use Colgate toothpaste, the Bansiwala tooth powder or ByGrandma ayurvedic tooth powder, this is something all of them will help you do. However, this does not mean that they’re therapeutic benefits are limited to this.

The ingredients used to make these tooth powders determine how well it functions. For example, ByGrandma tooth powder contains clove and nutmeg, ingredients not found in all other tooth powders. This can help reduce toothaches and even help keep your breath fresh for longer.

2. Manufacturing

It isn’t just combining ingredients in the right proportion that makes a good tooth powder. The tooth powder must also be manufactured in the right way. Typically, when made in large batches, quality control is difficult. To understand this comparison, think of how you make food. Would you be able to cook the same dish you do for your family in a quantity large enough to serve 1000 people and maintain the same taste? This is not an easy task and in most cases, the taste will be very different. But, that’s not the only reason.Winters are also synonymous with party time. This means that you might end up putting on makeup more often than in the summer. If you don’t remove this makeup properly, it can damage your skin. How you remove makeup also makes a difference- Using alcohol-based makeup removers, dries your skin. Thus, in winter you should switch to a gentler, cream based remover that will moisturise your skin as it cleans it.This is why even though ByGrandma is one of the most popular tooth powders available, it is always manufactured in small batches. This helps control quality and ensure that the therapeutic benefits of each bottle of tooth powder stay optimised.

3. Packaging

One of the reasons toothpaste became more popular than tooth powder was because of the way it was packaged. The squeeze-to-use tube made it easy for users to apply the toothpaste on a toothbrush.

Tooth powders are typically placed in wide-mouthed bottles with screw-on lids or re-sealable foil packs that can be emptied into any other jar or container. However, ByGrandma is packed in a slim bottle with a narrow opening and a flip-top lid. This makes it easy for the tooth powder to be dusted directly onto the toothbrush.

4.Travel-Friendly Nature

The easy packaging of tooth powder makes you comfortable when you travel.Tooth powder that is packed in resealable bags can, of course, be repacked into a smaller bottle but it would be a slight inconvenience. Similarly, if you bought tooth powder packed in the typical jars, you would again have to repack the tooth powder.However, with ByGrandma herbal tooth powder, this will never be a worry. This tooth powder is packed to be travel-friendly for short and long journeys. It does not have to be mixed with anything other than water and thus it can be used directly from the bottle.

Where to find the Best AyurvedicTooth Powder in India?

ByGrandma ayurvedic tooth powder is undoubtedly one of the best tooth powders available in India. The tooth powder is made with 100% herbal ingredients and contains no added synthetic preservatives or other chemicals. It can thus be used by children as well as adults of all ages.

This tooth powder is made of a number of herbs such as Nutmeg, Terminalia Chebula, Clove, Masakai, Azadirachta Indica, Cinnamon, Mesquite Bark Powder, Elaichi and Rock salt. Each of these ingredients has unique therapeutic benefits to make your teeth stronger, cleaner and at a lower risk of infection.

ByGrandma herbal tooth powder is available online and offline. It is available in a number of departmental stores and supermarkets. You can also place an order for the tooth powder and have it delivered home by shopping online through the ByGrandma website or on popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

So, are you ready to take a step towards better dental care and replace your chemical toothpaste with ByGrandma herbal tooth powder?

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