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1. Introduction
2. Undeniable Reasons to Love Homemade Bath Powder
3. How to use this?


Homemade bath powder! Can you feel and relate to your mother’s and grandmother’s bath powder? We all can recollect those memories of those awesome smelled scrubby powder we used when we were kids. But, why should it be a memory, why don’t you just starting using it again.

Though we know the valuable outcomes in the skin after using the bath powder, we take the side of using soaps and shower gel, I accept that it makes you feel good with its fragrance and elements, but it is chemical!. Everything is chemical! So what’s the big deal? Is this your question. Then answer me, do you fall for something that looks good but ruins your good skin? No right! So why don’t you checkout and get back to your grandma’s ingredients for you?I gotta share 3 undeniable reasons to love the homemade bath powder and for its non-stop usage. We all have the desire to have a glossy, glowy, luscious and healthy-looking skin, we tend to use a lot of products to achieve that, now as we were discussing the homemade bath powder I will tell you the reasons to use them 

Undeniable Reasons to Love Homemade Bath Powder


1.Glowing Skin Without Drying It Out 

You will be or not, glowing skin that you get after applying the bath powder is unimaginable. Your skin retains its shine and gleam as it is not exposed to any chemical to dim down its glow. Every natural element has its own valuable properties that will make you glow from within.

It will help you to say no-no for dry and flaky skin, the ingredients in any bath powder will never leave your skin dry. It soothes your skin in all ways.

2.Deep Cleansing Skin Brightener

When I say something natural, you may feel like will it have a deep cleansing action. Think about our mothers and grandmothers have flawless skin. So the natural ingredients that we use have a deep cleansing property and they naturally brighten your skin.

The process of brightening or whitening according to your skin shade may take some time but it is always worth the time as it produces a radiant skin texture without any side effects. 

3.Natural Remedy for Acne-Prone and Dark Spots

Every one of us faces the issues of having acne, acne marks, pigmentations and dark spots, many lucky faces may not face these issues. And we tend to buy so many products to get rid of them from us. What are the results? Sometimes we may get the results and sometimes we may not. How about using natural products like natural face wash and bath powders for getting a spotless skin.Thinking about where to find the product and how to trust and use one? Is this the question? I got the answer with a pristine product of ByGrandma

ByGrandma’s Skin Brightening Homemade Bath Powder

Bygrandma, yes consider this is made by your grandma and trust like you trust your grandma. The product is organic with 100% natural ingredients in it. It is a blender of many natural like turmeric, moong dal, liquorice and many other ingredients in it. The facewash can be used as a bathing powder too, as it nourishes your face and the whole body.Turmeric is a great anti-septic and prevents all kind of skin allergies, the sprouted moong dal powder is rich in vitamin C and acts as an antioxidant for the skin. The cyperus rotundas have many medicinal values which have the property of curing itchiness and healing wounds, the egg white present in the face wash powder helps to reduce wrinkles and have an anti-ageing property in them. The facewash is loaded with value-rich ingredients that makes wonders in your skin. 

How to use this?

  • It is as simple as mixing the ubtan powder with water or curd
  • Apply it over your skin 
  • Rub to exfoliate and wash it off like a normal face-wash 

Let us once again go through the magical ingredients of the ubtan powder, so it has egg white, sprouted moong dal, white and white turmeric, cyperus rotundas, senna auriculata, nardostachys in it. Doesn’t it make you feel like it is a magical spell for your skin? I feel Bygrandma’s products are all magical and affordable. The price is 399 INR for 250gms.Check out the best ever natural homemade products of Bygrandma to make us look spotless and flawless with the smell and feel of ancient naturals products. Let’s get back to our nostalgic period which brings loads of benefits to our skin.Experience the magic of Bygrandma’s skin brightening face wash, purchase with just a click and on a keynote “ free shipping”.