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3. How to use this chemical free facewash?


Chemical free facewash : Bored with your current chemical facewash ?  Okay, so you’re planning for a natural shift in your facewash. Whatever we do and spend money on various things to cure our facial issues, though they provide a time being results, the result we get from the usage of natural products is unbeatable.


I assure you that your idea of changing to a natural product would definitely produce your desired results without disappointing you. Though they are time-tested products they provide long-lasting great results to you.

Coming to facewash, it is one of the main parts of your beauty regime. Cleansing always needs to be deep in taking aways the grimes and specks of dirt and also being mild to your skin. What you expect from your face wash? Do you expect it to clear all your facial issues and render you beautiful glowing skin? The chemical product makes certain changes to your face, but long-lasting effects on your face. On my exploration for face washes and body wash powder, I came across millions of products that provide me with glowing skin, that radiates a spotless texture with no acne and its marks. I looked for both natural and chemical products, there are amazing natural products of ByGrandma.

ByGrandma’s Skin Brightening Chemical Free Facewash 

Bygrandma has the essence of your own grandma’s hands, my experience with Bygrandma was so satisfying as it provided a glowing skin for me on regular use. By glowing skin, I mean both my body and face. Can you use your chemical body wash as a facewash and vice versa? Not possible I guess to my knowledge. But ByGrandma’s skin whitening chemical free bath powder can be used on your body and your face. The product can be used by 18+ age adults.

The ingredients of this magical herbal powder are egg white, sprouted moong dal, white and white turmeric, cyperus rotundas, senna auriculata, nardostachys in it. We got the ingredients lists now do you know what it actually does to your skin? The ingredients will definitely satisfy all your beauty related woes like providing whitening and brightening of skin because of the ingredient sprouted moong dal and it creates acne and provides a spotless skin to you with the help of white and wild turmeric. They also act as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory to your skin and prevents all kinds of skin allergies.

The sprouted moong dal powder is rich in vitamin C and acts as an antioxidant for the skin. The cyperus rotundas have many medicinal values which have the property of curing itchiness and healing wounds, the egg white present in the face wash powder helps to reduce wrinkles and have an anti-ageing property in them. The facewash/  bath powder is 100% natural & chemical free and it nourishes your whole body and facial skin. As facial is one of the main steps in facial cleansing so it is taken care that whether the face wash does its job right and provides benefits. The ByGrandma homemade chemical free facewash and bath powder does deep cleansing to your skin and it is 100% natural and with no side effects.

You can achieve


  • Rejuvenated from dry and dull skin 
  • Control excess oil and provide instant glow
  • Exfoliating and promotes skin brightening 
  • Controls acne, pimple and reduces its marks on the skin
  • Intensely moisturise your skin 
  • Anti-wrinkle and anti-aged face on regular use

The ubtan powder can be used regularly by you on your body and face as it is chemical free, so it is fine to use it daily. Having done how to use it? The team have given a  description 

How to use this chemical free facewash?


  • It is as simple as mixing the ubtan powder with water or curd
  • Apply it over your skin 
  • Rub to exfoliate and wash it off like a normal facewash

This product is available online and you can purchase it from anywhere and anytime. Another one bonanza is that the shipment cost is free for purchases above INR 699.

Try our Skin Brightening Facewash to get rid of dullness in your skin.