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1. Introduction
2. What makes Bath Powders Special?
3. Travel Friendliness
4. Lather
5. Finding the Best Bath Powder
6. Pay Attention to Your Face
7. Why Bath Powders?
8. ByGrandma Bath Powder vs Face Wash
9. How to Use ByGrandma Skin Brighten Bath Powder

ByGrandma : Bath Powder and Face wash Comparisons In India
A shower is an essential element to starting a good day. This is what you need to refresh your senses and get set for the day ahead. Many people will tell you that even on days when they don’t have to step out, they don’t really feel awake until they’ve had a morning shower. 
Shower and soap are almost synonymous. After all, how do you bathe without soap?  There are a plethora of choices available today in terms of branded bath soaps. This includes bar soaps, gels, and bath powders. Bar soaps that were once the most popular are today at the bottom of the popularity ladder. What’s rising to the top are bath powders. 

What makes Bath Powders Special?

To understand what’s making bath powders increasingly popular, let’s compare them to bar soaps and gels.


Bar soaps and gels contain a number of harsh ingredients. This includes Formaldehyde, a chemical that can lower the functioning of the immune system, Triclosan – did you know this is a pesticide… and Diethanolamine that can contribute towards certain cancers. Even the synthetic fragrances used in bar soaps and gels can cause allergic reactions and serious headaches. 
On the other hand, bath powder is traditionally made with simple, natural ingredients. A good bath powder contains no chemicals and is 100% preservative-free. 

Bath Powder and Face wash Comparisons In India

Travel Friendliness

One of the core reasons bath soap bars are losing their popularity is because they aren’t very travel-friendly. People don’t like sharing them as it feels as if the soap is covered with germs after a bath. Also, after it’s been used, the soap doesn’t dry instantly but stays wet and feel ‘slimy’. 
Gels, on the other hand, are easier to travel with. However, ether’s always the fear of leakage- and who wants their clothes covered with soap?
Bath powders are easy to use and extremely travel-friendly. They can be shared by the whole family so everyone doesn’t need to carry their own soap. Bath powders are packed in jars with lockable lids so that the risk of leakage is minimized.

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When you bathe, you expect a lather. Both bar soaps and gels offer this and its because we’ve been using them for years that we assume a lather is needed to cleanse the skin. In truth, a lather has no influence over how the soap cleanses your skin but it does make you feel squeaky clean. 
Bath powders, on the other hand, produce no lather. They cleanse skin as well if not better than bar soaps and gels but getting used to the no-lather bath may take a little time.

Soap Lather

Finding the Best Bath Powder

Bath powders were traditionally made at home. After all, they use simple, natural ingredients. The simplest homemade bath powder is probably the mixture of chickpea flour and turmeric made into a paste with rose water of milk. It’s an ubtan that probably everyone has used at least once in their life. 
Other bath powders contain many more ingredients. In the urban environment that most of us live in today, finding the ingredients for these bath powders can be a little more difficult than it was for our grandmothers.  For example, do you know where you could find Nardostachys? And if you did find it, how do you treat it? How do you maximize its nutritive value? 
Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about making your own bath powder. Realizing the need for a holistic alternative to chemical-based soaps, there are a number of brands that today offer bath powders for retail sale. These bath powders are available in stores as well as online e-commerce websites. 
Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly known names

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Subhra Herbal Bath Powder 

Subhra Herbal Bath Powder by Aswini is a purely herbal bath powder. It contains no chemicals and hence does not harm the skin in any way. While cleansing the skin, this bath powder also clears the sweat pores. This makes the skin softer and smoother. When used in winter, it moisturizes the skin and prevents dryness and scaling on the skin. Antibacterial ingredients in the bath powder also protect the skin against rashes, fungal infections, and itchiness. 

Unfortunately, online reviews left by some people who have used this product claim that it has an undesirable smell. 

Anuhya Herbal Bath Powder

Anuhya Herbal bath powder is based on the traditional Sunni Pindi bath powder. It contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients. It contains a number of herbs and is projected as a skin purifier and exfoliator. This bath powder can provide relief against a number of skin irritations, exfoliate dead skin cells and cleanse the pores. It can also help lighten tan lines, repair damage caused by exposure to UV radiation and even out the skin tone. Many of the ingredients have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. 
The bath powder is packed in foil packets and must be emptied out into a jar to be used. This makes it a tad bit inconvenient. 

ByGrandma Bath Powders

ByGrandma bath powder is a cleansing agent and a skin brightening agent. It is made with 100% natural ingredients and contains no chemicals or synthetics preservatives. Each ingredient in this bath powder has been chosen for the way it benefits the skin. Some ingredients like white turmeric and cyperus rotundas have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that protect the skin against infections and help wounds heal. The sprouted green moong dal acts as an exfoliator. It is also an antioxidant-rich in Vitamin C. It’s one of the few bath powders that contain egg white. This gives it anti gaining properties that keep fine lines and wrinkles from appearing.
Apart from its ingredients, ByGrandma sets itself apart from other bath powders by the way it is made. The bath powders are made in small batches so as to preserve the ingredient’s therapeutic value. Everything is done in-house so as to maintain high-quality standards. It is packed in a jar with a screw-on lid. This makes the bath powder easy to use, convenient and travel-friendly.

Pay Attention to Your Face

The skin on your face is very different from the skin over the rest of your body. While you do need to keep your face clean, most soaps that can be used to bathe with cannot be used on the face. This is because these soaps interfere with the pH balance of the facial skin and scrub away the skin’s natural oils too. As a result, using a normal soap on your face can leave it feeling dry.

Why Bath Powders?

One of the advantages of using a bath powder instead of bar soaps and gels is that it can be used on the face as well as the rest of the body. This is because it contains no chemicals and is made with 100% herbal ingredients. This is especially advantageous when you’re traveling as you need to carry a single product instead of two.
But, that’s not the only advantage a bath powder has over face washes. Let’s take a closer look at some popular face washes and compare them against the ByGrandma Skin Brightening Face Wash and Bath Powder.


ByGrandma Bath Powder vs Face Wash

Garnier offers a range of face washes for men and women. These face washes are categorized by not just the gender they can be used by but also the type of skin they are best suited to. Different face washes also offer different benefits. Some fight acne while another reduces tan. Some of the Garnier’s face washes even promise to make your skin appear lighter. 
Clean and Clear also offers a range of face care products.  These facewashes cleanse the skin of dirt and excessive oils and thus help reduce the occurrence of acne. It’s a gentle face wash that can be used every day without drying the skin.  The facewash is packaged in a bottle that makes it easy to use and travel-friendly. 
Nivea is another well-known brand for face washes. They offer a variety of face washes suited to different skin types. While some are suited to men’s skin, others are better suited to a woman’s delicate skin. Nivea offers different face washes for oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, and sensitive skin. These face washes promise to cleanse the skin without damaging it but they are not chemical-free. 
Himalaya was one of the first brands to focus on natural ingredients for skincare products. They offer many different types of facewashes based on herbal core ingredients. These face washes are categorized by the skin type they are best suited to. Based on the core ingredients, they also offer specific benefits. For example, the neem-based face wash purifies the skin and helps prevent pimples. The Aloe Vera face wash is gentler on the skin and ideal for people with sensitive skin. 
ByGrandma skin brightens powder is safe for use on your face as well as the rest of your body. It is made with only natural, herbal ingredients and so is safe is to use on all types of skin. Unlike other face washes, it doesn’t just cleanse your skin. ByGrandma’s face cleanser also protects your skin from infections and acne. It evens your skin tone, removes tan lines, brightens your face and gives you firm, soft skin. It even slows down the aging process so that you look younger and wrinkles stay away.

How to Use ByGrandma Skin Brighten Bath Powder

Using ByGrandma’s bath powder is easy. Take a spoon or two out into a bowl and mix with water to form a thick paste. Alternatively, you could also use rose water or milk. Rosewater will give the bath powder a sweet aroma and act as a toner for your skin. Wet your skin and use this paste as a scrub. You may let it sit for a minute or two before rinsing it off. The bath powder will not create any lather but will remove all the dirt and dead skin cells. Do not use any soap with this bath powder. 
ByGrandma bath powder is easily available online and offline. You can order it from the ByGrandma website as well as on a number of other e-commerce websites. With ByGrandma holistic healthy living is easy. So, are you ready to try it today? 

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