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1. Introduction

Best skin brightening facewash – Our face grabs attention at first, so paying attention to your face and following a constant regime, is a must to do part. After a long tiring day or just to pump start a day, you wash your face! Is it just face wash that you need or you look for beauty benefits inside it? Because I choose the best face wash for my skin with other beauty benefits. Face wash cleanses to get rid of a day long’s grime, oils and debris of the skin and its hard to find reasons to skip it. 

But wait, what are the reasons that we use face-wash and what it actually brings? Don’t go and hit your research tab, I have got you covered! I will tell you about the 4 main reasons that push us to use a face wash 

1.Glowing Skin by Using Face Wash

Who says no for glowing skin? Though your inner health determines your skin’s glow, maintaining a better routine gives an extra glow. Markets have thousands of brands but all won’t keep up with their promise to give the glow according to your skin type. Do you know what your skin type is? Well, if you don’t know then find your type and choose the best face wash according to your skin type.

Face wash cleanses the facial skin which removes dust and provides a deep pore cleansing, people obsessed with getting a glowing skin needs to know that ever change occurs with regular use 

2.Skin Whitening and Brightening Face Wash

The factor skin whitening has become a buzz but it is bizarre! White or fair skin is not the only beauty, that period has gone when people believed that fair or white skin is beautiful. We all in this era accepted that every skin type is unique and beautiful. Brightening the skin with spotless texture is easy to get. 

The face wash is the first and last thing we do in a day and it follows as the first step in any facial related remedies and in CTM(cleansing, toning and moisturising). So face washes like natural one or any other product which deep cleanses your skin will help you to have a radiant look. 

3.Moistures your Dry Skin 

Dry skin? I understand what problems arise when you have dry skin. Like itchiness, pale look, lifeless skin and crying for some moisture. When a face wash covers up all the issues, then that would be your go-to product all the time. 

You with dry skin always look for a mild face wash that gently cleans your skin and protects the moisture of your skin.

4.Natural Face Wash

Anything that is natural when never affect your skin, only thing is you should know which product is suitable for your facial skin. Natural products are always used by a wide range of people from ancient times as it provides an end to problems like acne, oily skin, dry skin issues, pigmentation, blackheads and whiteheads and many more.

Natural facewash comes in different forms like gel, creams and powder. The modern-day people prefer using natural facewash as it brings many effective results than the other beauty products to the skin.
All the being said about the reason being the unstoppable usage of face washes, you and I still find it hard to opt the best face wash that covers all your facial problems, we research online, listen to word-of-mouth, get newly launched products. Imagine a facewash which covers everything? Surprised? Well, be surprised I have a pristine facewash which covers all the face related issues like acne, blackheads, whiteheads, flaky skin, grime cleansing and bring glowy, dewy, shiny and healthy-looking skin.
An additional booster! It is 100% natural and harmless to your skin.

ByGrandma’s Skin Brightening Facewash 

Bygrandma, yes consider this is made by your grandma and trust like you trust your grandma. The product is organic with 100% natural ingredients in it. It is a blender of many natural like turmeric, moong dal, liquorice and many other ingredients in it. 

The facewash can be used as a bathing powder too, as it nourishes your face and the whole body. The turmeric is a great anti-septic and prevents all kind of skin allergies, the sprouted moong dal powder is rich in vitamin C and acts as an antioxidant for the skin. The cyperus rotundas have many medicinal values which have the property of curing itchiness and healing wounds, the egg white present in the face wash powder helps to reduce wrinkle and have an anti-ageing property in them. The facewash is loaded with value-rich ingredients that makes wonders in your skin. 

How to use this?

  • It is as simple as mixing the ubtan powder with water or curd
  • Apply it over your skin 
  • Rub to exfoliate and wash it off like a normal facewash 

Let us once again go through the magical ingredients of the ubtan powder, so it has egg white, sprouted moong dal, white and white turmeric, cyperus rotundas, senna auriculata, nardostachys in it. Doesn’t it make you feel like it is a magical spell for your skin? I feel Bygrandma’s products are all magical and affordable. The price is 399INR for 250gms.


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