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1. Introduction
2. Core Ingredients for Homemade Herbal Bath Powder
3. The top 5 ingredients for a herbal bath powder are
4. Other Ingredients Commonly Used

5 essential Bath Powder IngredientsDid you know that when you apply something on your skin, almost 60% of it gets absorbed in your skin and body. The products with harmful, artificial, chemical ingredients many a times cause skin related infections and disturb the natural immune system. These chemicals remain in the body for a long time before they get eliminated completely. Their ill effects can stay for much longer. Thus, switching to natural soaps and cleansers is the wisest move you can make.Chemical free soaps contain natural ingredients that are good for your skin and health. These products can be used on skin and hair without any worry of allergic reactions or after affects. Minimally processed natural products are effective in promoting healthy skin and hair and are eco friendly too. Apart from being free from chemical ingredients, the natural or herbal skin care products also have minimal chances of causing skin irritations. That’s not all, these skin products nourish the skin and help maintain a healthy glow.Use our  Homemade Herbal Bath Powder to get rid of your skin related problems

Herbal bath powder is an easy option to replace the artificial commercial soaps. These are available in the market and easy to make. Herbal bath powders are natural, economical and full of helpful ingredients for skin. Regular use of natural herbal bath powder can make skin smooth, healthy, shiny and blemish free. The natural products cleanse skin and help maintain its natural oil levels. It can also slow down the aging process.

Core Ingredients for Homemade Herbal Bath Powder

There are many traditional recipes that can be used to make herbal bath powders. While some recipes involve only 2-3 ingredients, others can involve dozens of ingredients. Most of these ingredients are easily available and can often be found in the kitchen.

herbal bath powder

The top 5 ingredients for a herbal bath powder are:

Egg Whites

Eggs can be easily found in almost all household. This nutritious food has a number of benefits for the skin and hair. Eggs whites are full of a protein called albumin which helps minimize pores, clears blackheads and removes excess oil. Egg whites also have astringent properties and are ideally suited to an oily skin. It also helps lighten the skin and gives it a firmer appearance. If added to bath powders it also reduces the oil cutting capacity of soap. The vitamins and minerals in egg whites benefit the overall appearance of your skin. In addition, it slows down the aging process and smoothens fine lines and wrinkles.Try our Homemade Herbal Bath Powder to get rid of your skin related problems

Sprouted green moong dal

This is a very common lentil found in Indian kitchens. Green moong dal has a number of nutritional benefits that are enhanced when the grain is sprouted. This grain is not only a great addition to your diet but can also be used to make herbal bath powders. To make a bath powder, this grain must be dried and ground into a powder. It exfoliates the skin and is known as a popular home remedy for dull, dry skin, sun tanning, acne and pimples. It can also act a natural hair remover.

Senna Auriculata (Avarampoo)

Avarampoo is a flower with the botanical name, Senna Auriculata. Avarampoo grows wildly in many places across India. The flowers have a cooling effect and can be used along with the leaves for home remedies. Once dried, avarampoo can be stored and used for a long time. Avarampoo is known for its therapeutic abilities and can be used to treat many skin ailments. It protects the skin from bacterial and fungal infections. The best way to use this flower is by including it in bath powders or face powders. The face wash powder prevents black spots, treats uneven skin tone and regular use keeps the skin blemish free. It also fights body odor.

Cyperus Rotundas (Korai Kizhangu)

Also known as nut grass, Cyperus Rotundas is mentioned in a number of Ayurvedic herbal bath powder recupes. It is traditionally used to treat acne, wounds and ulcers. This grass also helps maintain body temperature during the summer and fights body odor.  It also helps reduce body hair growth and smoothens the skin. The easiest way to use this ingredient is in its dried and powdered form.

Herbal Bath Powder

White turmeric 

Turmeric is well-known for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. White turmeric is a variant of this tuber that is quite easily available in markets. While it may not be used as often as yellow turmeric in the kitchen, white turmeric is a common ingredient for herbal bath powders. This tuber has been used in this manner from the ancient times. It can be used to cure skin ailments and reduce skin hair growth. It is also a great skin rejuvenator. One of the advantages of using white turmeric instead of the yellow turmeric used to flavour food is that it does not leave a yellow tint when used.

Other Ingredients Commonly Used

There are a number of other elements you could use to make herbal bath powders. These include:

Spiked ginger

This herb has antiseptic properties that are helpful in treating many skin problems. It enhances the complexion by evening skin tone and acts as a natural skin conditioner.

Neem Leaves

If you ask your grandmother, she will probably tell you that she added neem leaves to her bath water as a child. The sue of neem leaves  is advised by a number of Ayurvedic practitioners. The leaves have antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. This helps removing blackheads, clear scars and treat skin infections. It also tones the skin and helps it retain moisture.


This is an aromatic grass with cooling and antiseptic properties. It helps treat acne, rashes, blackheads and sores. When used in a bath powder, it also has hydrating and anti-aging effects on the skin.

Green Gram

Easily found in most kitchens, green gram is an excellent cleanser and is often used as scrub for skin brightening. It helps remove dirt and pollutants from the skin to give you a fresher look.
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