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1. Introduction
2. Dry skin
3. Dullness
4. Eczema flare-ups
5. UV damage
6. Itchiness
7. Bonus: How to choose a soap for the winter?


As the end of the year approaches, the temperatures dip and the heat of summer fades to a dream. The cool air feels crisper and lighter. It’s time to bring out the jackets and the boots and put your most fashionable foot forward, and start taking care of your skin to avoid winter skin problems.

Yes, not everything about winter is so rosy. As the humidity levels drop, Winter skin problems begin to emerge. Now, no matter how well you dress, your face is the first thing people see and thus, skincare is something you can’t set aside.

Looking beautiful involves a lot more than good makeup skills. You need to change your skincare routine to suit the season. In winter your skin needs special care. Otherwise, it can make you look dull and lifeless.

So, what should you be doing? Let’s talk about some of the most common winter skin problems and how to rectify them.


1. Dry skin

One of the most common winter skin problems is the skin dryness. The cool winter air feels so good against your skin, doesn’t it… But, if you were to ask your skin, it probably wouldn’t agree with you. Winter air is dry and devoid of moisture. Thus, it whisks away the moisture from your skin leaving it dry and flaky.

Dry Skin Problems During Winter


Winter also tends to make us feel less thirsty. It’s easy to assume that since you’re not sweating, you’re not losing too much water from your system. However, it is very easy to get dehydrated in the winter. And, your skin bears the brunt of this dehydration.

So, what should you do – drink lots of fluids?

If you don’t feel like drinking cool water, drink warm water. This is excellent for your digestion and can help with weight management too. You can also infuse water with fruits to flavour it. Try to avoid packaged juices and drinks. As in the summer, you should be aiming at drinking 7-8 glasses of water every day. The best way to ensure this is to keep a bottle of water by your side through the day and sip from it.


2. Dullness

Everyone wants their skin to glow and look bright. But in winter, its only children who have pink, rosy cheeks. Your own skin tends to look duller than usual. Why- again because of the lack of moisture in the air.

But, that’s not the only reason.

Winters are also synonymous with party time. This means that you might end up putting on makeup more often than in the summer. If you don’t remove this makeup properly, it can damage your skin. How you remove makeup also makes a difference- Using alcohol-based makeup removers, dries your skin. Thus, in winter you should switch to a gentler, cream based remover that will moisturize your skin as it cleans it.

Dull Skin Problem During Winter


You also need to exfoliate your skin regularly. This removes the dead top layer of the skin and gives you a brighter appearance. You can exfoliate your skin at home.

All you need are a few things form your kitchen.

  1. Ground oats mixed with a tablespoon of honey is a great exfoliator.
  2. Massage this into your skin using circular motions and rinse off with warm water.
  3. If you don’t have oats, mix finely ground sugar with a teaspoon of any oil.
  4. If you don’t feel upto making your own natural cleanser, get ByGrandma’s Skin Brightening Face Wash and Bath Powder for Adults.
  5. After facewash to dry your skin, dab it with a towel. Do not rub the towel against your skin.


3. Eczema flare-ups

For people suffering from eczema, winter can be quite troublesome. The switch in skin care products combined with the compromised moisture levels can make dormant eczema flare up.Medication cannot cure eczema but can give you temporary relief from the symptoms. Also, you cannot take medication for very long. Thus, you need to look at natural solutions that make your skin healthier.

Eczema Skin Problem During Winter


A besan, turmeric and honey face pack is gentle and ideal for sensitive skin. Besan or chickpea flour is rich in zinc that is known to fight against skin infections and acne while honey acts as a natural moisturizer.

Turmeric has antiseptic properties. This makes it an important element in skincare products like ByGrandma’s Skin Brightening Face Wash and Bath Powder for Adults contains not one but two different types of turmeric. You can even flavour your food with turmeric.

You can make a mixture of a cup of besan with about a spoon of turmeric and store it in a bottle. Take a little bit out every day and mix with a spoon of honey to make a face pack.


4. UV damage

Just because the winter sun is milder than the summer sun does not mean that it’s UV rays are any less harmful. These UV rays can affect your skin when you’re outdoors as well as when you’re indoors. These UV rays penetrate through the epidermis and can cause lasting damage to the deeper layers of your skin.

Escape UV damage by using SPF 100 sunscreen


UV rays can affect all types of skin.

But, people with lighter skin tones have a higher risk damage than others.

The only way to protect your skin from UV damage is to use sunscreen regularly.

Do not skip this step of your morning skincare routine. However, for winter, you may want to look for a moisturizing sunscreen.


5. Itchiness

The dryness caused by the chilly winter breeze can also make your skin itchy. Exposing your skin to dry winds also aggravate this itchiness.
The worst part about having an itch is that it only worsens when you scratch the itch. There are a lot of other things you could do to relieve the itch.

Get rid of itchiness during winter season


The first is to shorten the duration of your showers.

When your skin is dry, it can cause microscopic tears in the epidermis. This can be aggravated by prolonged exposure to hot water.

So, if you want to relive the itchiness of the skin, cut down on the length of your shower and lower the temperature of the water.
Next, wear cotton. Cotton feels soft against the skin and reduces friction.
You could also use an egg white face mask to tone your skin. Egg white also keeps wrinkles and other such signs of ageing away.


Bonus: How to choose a soap for the winter?

To lay the foundation for good winter skincare, you must choose your soap wisely. Most soaps contain a lot of chemicals. These chemicals can damage the skin and aggravate dryness.

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t the lather that cleans your skin. A soap that does not produce any lather can clean your skin as well as other lather producing soaps.

The best thing you can do to get rid of winter skin problems is to switch to home remedies. You can even make your own soap. A quick google search should give you plenty of soap recipes to experiment with.

If this feels like to much work, you can buy reliable natural face washes and bath powders. ByGrandma’s Skin Brightening Face Wash for babies and Bath Powder for Adults is one such natural product.

ByGrandma’s Skin Brightening Face Wash and Bath Powder is made with 100% natural ingredients and processed organically. It does not contain any foaming agents like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, MEA or Cocamide DEA.

This ubtan contains natural elements like moong dal, egg white, turmeric and cyperus rotundas.

The combination of these elements moisturizes your skin, keeps it looking young, fights against itchiness and nourishes your skin.

Want to try this on your skin? Buy ByGrandma’s Skin Brightening Face Wash and Bath Powder here. From the below product links. Go ahead add the product to your cart and get 10% off when you checkout use code: BG10


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