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1. Introduction
2. ByGrandma’s Personal Hygiene Care Products


Natural Personal Hygiene Products – Hygiene is something which we have learned and taught by parents and the environment since childhood. We tend to do everything in a hygienic manner. Personal hygiene, I don’t know how I took this term when I was a kid, maybe I didn’t care much. But now as a grown adult, I do care about my hygiene and plan to follow a healthy routine. Hope most of you all can relate to me.

Natural! The term natural and organic is exploding the market in the current days. As people started to run behind nature and its products by knowing its incredible value. We all should accept the fact that natural products do wonders to us and its chemical-free for a low cost. Even when chemical products look fancy and smell amazing, they stand back when we talk about natural products. Personal care, hygiene, diet plans and beauty care when we carry forward everything in natural ways with natural products. The results will help us to understand their values and inevitable place in us. Our parents and grandparents used most of the natural products.And if I say they are healthy, looking than the current generation chemical products users, many can’t deny it. Although I speak a lot about natural products in know it is hard to find the right natural product for our daily routine, health and hygiene care. I came up with a rescue.

ByGrandma’s Personal Hygiene Care Products


1.Herbal Hair Treatment Oil

First I will bring to your notice about a product that helps with your hair because of either you be a boy or a girl, the love for hair is common for both. Thick luscious hair is always a dream, let’s make it possible with this super cool natural hair oil. Talking about hygiene, hair hygiene is always an essential factor which many of us forget to handle and take care. Cleanliness in hair also plays a good role in your hair growth. So choose the one which I’m bringing to your notice now.


The oil is 100% natural with loaded minerals and herbs, homemade hair oil provides natural therapy for your hair which combats hair falls and builds a better hair regrowth.

Their ingredients are eye-catching like amla, castor oil, basil which promotes healthy hair growth hibiscus oil which ensures good blood circulation to the scalp which means healthy hair. Interesting ingredient Khus grass which has a property of soothing your body and hair. Bhringaraj prevents early whitening of hair. The loaded natural herbs and ingredients help to promote hair growth and take care of the other commonly occurring issues. 

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2.Bath powders

The next natural personal hygiene product from my products catalog which I need to bring it to you is Bath powder.As the first thing that comes to our mind is taking a bath and be clean the day long, to sweat and dirt free. No doubt that most of us use the chemical-rich products like soaps and shower gels to cleanse our body. It is also true that we search for a natural alternative.

How about I introduce to you a product that deep cleanses your body with added beauty benefits in it and its completely natural.Is it like a surprise bomb.

ByGrandma’s Skin Brightening Homemade Bath Powder

The bath powder is 100% natural and it’s homemade with loads of good benefits to your skin. Your major skin issues like dark spots, acne, acne spots, pimples, skin discolouration, bright skin and so on, will be cleared when you use this bath powder/face wash. Couldn’t believe me? Let me explain it’s natural ingredients added, then you will know the medicinal and herbal values of the bath powder.

The magical ingredients of the ubtan powder, so it has egg white, sprouted moong dal, white and white turmeric, cyperus rotundas, senna auriculata, nardostachys in it.Egg white clears wrinkles and provides a young look to you always, turmeric is always a great antiseptic agent for you to keep you away from unwanted bacteria and prevents any upcoming acne, pimples and its marks. The sprouted moong dal is a loaded vitamin C with an antioxidant agent in them, brings out your bright skin to notice. Thus the other herbs also prevent you from all skin related issues

How to use this?

  • It is as simple as mixing the ubtan powder with water or curd
  • Apply it over your skin 
  • Rub to exfoliate and wash it off like a normal face wash 

Can you believe me now and have a try!

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3.Teeth powder

The face is the index of your mind, teeth are the index of your hygiene and it is your confidence booster or looser! Accepting it? Cool, white teeth are always an added beauty to your face and taking care of your teeth is an irreplaceable thing to be done by every one of us. Be it a kid or an adult or an old person, teeth hygiene is a must.

Though I discuss tooth powder, I know its presence in our daily life is always the first seat. Are we using teeth powder these days? How about going back a few years and follow their practice. If you wish to say yes, I bring to a product by ByGrandma that is natural for your teeth.

Herbal Tooth Powder ByGrandma 

The product as its name suggests is with herbals and it’s pure and natural.It is one of the natural personal hygiene products. Let’s see about the ingredients


Terminalia Chebula(Kadukai), Nutmeg (Jathikai), Masakai, Azadirachta Indica (Veppam Pattai), Rock Salt, Clove, Cinnamon, Elaichi, Mesquite Bark Powder (Karuvelam Pattai)

Now, let’s see what they bring for us. The terminalia chebula contains Vitamin C, copper and potassium which is an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent for your teeth. It has the ability to cure mouth ulcers. The nutmeg which contains methanol and it controls your bad breath. And the other ingredients help to cure many teeth related issues like decay, pyria, muscular pain, gum bleeding and many more.

How to use

  1. Brush your teeth with Herbal Tooth Powder, while massaging gums use your finger for better results.        
  2. Gently massage your gums and teeth for 3-5 minutes and gargle with water.
  3. Use it regularly both morning and night before bed.


So why to delay, even after knowing about these natural products doing so much for your skin. Let you use all these products and maintain a proper and great hygiene life long.

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