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1. Introduction
2. What Causes Premature Greying Of Hair

Grey hair, salt-and-pepper look, silver-fox appearance all these sounds classy and fancy only when you’re at the right age to get it but grey hair at a young age is always a nightmare to carry.

Statistics and research also say that premature greying is getting common these days, which neither we didn’t find it in our parents nor heard from our grandparents. Have you ever thought to dig deeper to get any clues?I’m happy that you came to find some natural remedial and preventive measures to stop premature greying because I’m here to suggest the same as well. Fab-benefitted hair oil is one of the most purchased famous products of BygrandmaThe hair oil is 100% natural and it is the same as like your grandmother’s hair care hair oil for you. Don’t doubt that whether these ingredients and hair oil will work for your hair, they are  scientifically proven to promote hair growth and prevent premature greying of hair.

The hair oil that prevents premature greying contains ingredients like amla, castor oil, basil which promotes healthy hair growth hibiscus oil which ensures good blood circulation to the scalp which means healthy hair.

Interesting ingredient Khus grass which has a property of soothing your body and hair. Bhringaraj prevents early whitening of hair.The main ingredient we need to focus on is the bhringaraj as that helps to eradicate the premature greying and also a great preventing agent, they induce into the scalp and provide the necessary nutrients to prevent any further greying hair.

The Bygrandma’s hair not only prevents your hair from greying it does much more than that like treating dryness and frizziness in your hair, treating split ends, oily scalp, dandruff issues and it promotes growth and regrowth by nourishing the hair follicles. I have provided enough knowledge for you to grab a bottle and experience the difference in your hair.

What Causes Premature Greying Of Hair

Whatever oils we apply or treatments we take,  healthy diet always takes the first place when we need a healthy body and hair.

1.Vitamin Deficiency Can Cause Premature Grey Hair  

Vitamin B12 deficiency would lead to premature growing. Vitamins like E, C, biotin, zinc and iron are the most important nutrients for hair growth and to control premature hair growth.


Genetics seems to the major causes, and it is proven that even that can be cured by taking proper nutrition and applying nourishment oil for scalp.

3.Smoking Causes Premature Greying Of Hair 

Smoking causes everything to your body and no wonder that it causes premature grey to your hair. Smoking leads to brittle and dry hair and later it leads to premature greying. So, avoid smoking habits to prevent the grey strand welcoming scenario in your life.

We came to know about the causes, now what to eat to stay healthy and have healthy-looking hair.

1.Intake Nut-Rich Diet

Increase your intake of nuts like almond which is rich in vitamin E and walnuts which are rich in biotin. It helps to reduce premature greying of hair.

2.Fresh Green Leaves And Vegetables 

Green leaves, vegetables and fruits are rich in nutrients that prevent premature greying and promotes hair growth and regrowth in you .

Let’s send away some myths about grey hair which we were carrying till now 

1.Regular Hair Dying Leads To Grey Hair

It is completely a myth.Regular hair dying might lead to brittleness and frizziness in your hair. And this may cause hair damage. So no dye causes grey hair.

2.Plucking One Grey Hair Would Multiply Them Grey

When you pluck a grey hair, every other hair will turn grey later. Let’s just think once at the phrase how hair from a follicle has the other? It is an absolute myth! Because plucking a hair strand will weaken your hair follicle but it won’t cause grey hair And we have discussed about the facts behind premature hair greying, it’s causes and remedial diet to carry forward hereafter in life. The important give away from this blog is about the natural hair oil by ByGrandma.

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