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1. Introduction
2. But First, Why Do You Need a Scalp Massage?
3. Why use Herbal Oils
4. Trusted Brands
5. Natural Ingredients
6. Preservative Free
7. Age Appropriate
8. Shelf Life for Best Herbal Hair
9. Hair Type Compatibility
10. Customer Reviews of Best Herbal Hair Oil
11. FSSAI Certified products
12. Stickiness of Herbal Hair Oil
13. Protective Properties
14. The Tried and Tested Best Herbal Hair Oil

Finding best herbal hair oil across the world is the most difficult task. For men and women around the world, their hair is their crowning glory. No matter what the hairstyle may be, every one dreams of having thick, lustrous locks. When it comes to your hair, your genetic structure and the care you give your hair determines how healthy it will be. It is interesting to note that, even if you were born with thin hair, giving it some regular TLC (tender loving care) can improve the thickness, colour and texture of your hair. A head oil massage plays an important role in the way your hair looks. And for this, you need a good herbal hair oil.

But First, Why Do You Need a Scalp Massage?

There are many ways a scalp massage can benefit you. As little as 5 minutes spent massaging the oil into your scalp can make a huge difference to the way your hair looks and feels. Firstly, it stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. This encourages the growth of new hair follicles and nourishes them with oxygen and nutrients. It also strengthens your hair follicles and reduces the risk of breakage. The oil also moisturizes the scalp and conditions it. This helps avoid scalp conditions such as dandruff and a dry scalp. The act of massaging the scalp also helps distribute the natural oils of the scalp evenly over the entire length of the hair follicles.

In addition, massaging the scalp also increases the lymphatic flow and helps remove toxins from the scalp. If you’re stressed out, a scalp massage can ease the tension and stress and relax the neck and scalp muscles. Interestingly, stress is one of the common reasons for hair fall. Thus, by easing stress, hair fall and breakage can be limited. 
Massage Tip: When you massage your scalp, focus on the center of your head. This is the part that is least likely to get adequate blood supply.

Why use Herbal Oils

A scalp massage can technically be done with any type of oil. However, like the act of massaging influences the look and feel of your hair, the type of oil you use also has a great effect on the luster of your tresses. Different herbal oils have different benefits. While some oils like a coconut oil can be used by itself, others need to be mixed with carrier oils. Here are 10 things to keep in mind to help you find the best herbal hair oil.

1. Trusted Brands

Hair oil is manufactured under a number of brand names. Some of these may be considerably cheaper than others especially if they are unknown brand names. The ingredients used in hair oil are absorbed by your scalp and hair follicles. Hence, you must choose from a trusted brand always. 

Unbranded hair oils may claim to contain many herbal ingredients but there is no guarantee of the purity and quality of these ingredients. Do not believe hair oil ads that claim to instantly help your hair grow longer or thicker. Like everything else, your hair should grow thicker and longer slowly and steadily.

2.Natural Ingredients

There’s a big difference between the oil you put in your bike and the oil you massage your scalp with. For the latter, it is essential to ensure that the oil is made from 100% natural ingredients. Hair oil with natural ingredients helps moisturise your scalp, improves blood circulation and nourishes the hair follicles. Thus, when you buy a hair oil, look for ingredients always.
When reading the label on a bottle of hair oil, pay attention to the order with which ingredients are listed. Most brands list ingredients in descending order of their usage. The first three ingredients listed are usually the base of the hair oil. This is likely to contain the carrier oil name.

Ideally, your hair oil should be a vegetarian product and should not have killed or harmed animals in its production.

3. Preservative Free

When you look at the label on a bottle of oil, you should also look out for chemicals and preservatives. Always avoid oils which contain preservatives and chemicals. Instead, pick a hair oil that says it contains no preservatives. Many chemicals in hair oils can damage the hair follicles instead of nourishing them. They can also aggravate scalp condition such as dryness and dandruff. 

Some chemicals can damage the protein cells in hair follicles and interfere with how fast your hair grows. It can also affect the natural oil balance on the scalp. This can make your hair look dull.

4.Age Appropriate

When you buy a herbal hair oil, it should be age-friendly. This means that it must be suitable for all ages. The hair oil should also be formulated to meet the needs of both men and women. Hair oils for babies and infants will have an age mentioned on the label.

5. Shelf Life for Best Herbal Hair

Expiry dates are usually given importance only for edible products. However, even hair care products like herbal hair oil have a shelf life and expiry date. The shelf life of a hair oil refers to the length of time for which the ingredients retain their full nutritional value. When you buy herbal hair oil, it should have validity within a year. Many hair oils that contain chemicals can’t withstand till a year. Apart from the expiry date mentioned on the label, you can also tell if an oil is good enough to be used or not by the way it looks and smells. Unless mentioned on the label, avoid using oils in which you can see insoluble particles. Oils that are thicker than normal or appear cloudy may also have gone beyond their expiry date. However, it is important to note that the consistency of some oils may change with the temperature. For example, coconut oil solidifies during the winter. This does not affect its efficacy.

7. Hair Type Compatibility

Everyone has different hair types. While some people have straight hair, others have curly hair, Some people have a silky texture which others have a rough texture. Some types of hair oil are compatible with all hair types while other hair oils are formulated especially for specific hair types. For example, if you have exceptionally dry hair, some hair oils may suit you better than others.


6.Customer Reviews of Best Herbal Hair Oil

Today, it is easy to get an idea of how good a product is even before you use it. Whether you’re looking to buy hair oil online at an e-commerce platform of in your neighborhood store, you can always check for reviews before you buy it.
Most e-commerce platforms have a testimonials or review section where you can read opinions of other people who have bought and used the product. Look for people who have experienced similar hair issues as you to see how the oil will affect you. Apart from the review section on e-commerce platforms, you could also go through blogs and discussion forums.

That said, it is important not to blindly believe anything and everything that is said. If the hair oil is from a brand that you trust, you could use trial and error methods.

8.FSSAI Certified products

Whether you’re looking at edible products or skincare and hair care products, you should always use FSSAI certified products. This certification means that the product is approved by the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India. Choosing government certified products that are FSSAI certified over one that is not certified also gives you the assurance that it has been made with good quality ingredients.

9.Stickiness of Herbal Hair Oil

There are many different types of hair oil. They differ not only by the ingredients used to make them and the type of hair they are suited to but also by their effect on the hair. Some hair oils feel heavy while others are light. Some feel sticky and make your hair feel greasy while others nourish the hair without affecting your style. The latter is obviously more desirable. 
A hair oil that is not sticky can be used every day or every alternate day. You may massage your scalp with it before a shower or after your shower. In the case of the latter, it can also help style your hair in place of a gel or hair mousse.

10.Protective Properties 

Good hair oil doesn’t just nourish your hair but also protects it. When made with herbs and natural ingredients, hair oil can protect the scalp and hair follicles from certain bacterial, fungal and microbial infections. 
For example, amla or the Indian gooseberry is a common ingredient used in herbal hair oils. This is not only a rich source of vitamin C but also boasts of anti-microbial properties. Thus, it helps fight against dandruff and scalp eczema amongst other infections.

The Tried and Tested Best Herbal Hair Oil

If you’re looking for a handmade hair oil which will nourish and protect your hair, take a look at ByGrandmas Herbal Hair Oil. Experience by yourself the many benefits of this oil. This 100% herbal, vegetarian oil can help your hair grow thicker and longer while adding to its sheen. 
The hair oil is packed with the goodness of herbs such as amla, castor oil. Basil extract and khus grass. This gives the oil antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The khus grass is known for its cooling ability and helps soothe the mind. Hibiscus extracts in the hair oil improve blood circulation and promote healthy hair also prevents premature greying of hair. It also contains Bhringraj, an Ayurvedic herb famed for its ability to slow down the aging process and keep hair from turning white. ByGrandma’s herbal hair oil can be used by people with all hair types. 
The hair oil is available online on a number of e-commerce platforms as well as on the website. You can also find it at your neighborhood stores. Try it today and feel the difference for yourself.

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