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1. Introduction
2. ByGrandma Hair Oil vs Khadi Hair Oil
3. ByGrandma Hair Oil vs Patanjali Hair Oil
4. ByGrandma Hair Oil vs Vcare Hair Oil
5. ByGrandma Hair Oil vs Lotus hair Oil
6. ByGrandma Hair Oil vs Kalyani Hair Oil

The comparison of hair oil is a must task nowadays ,if you want quality hair.Your hair is your crowning glory and requires special love and care. Unlike what you might believe, every day can be a good hair day without a daily trip to the salon. No matter how long your hair is, whether its straight, wavy or curly, you can get thick, lustrous tresses just be oiling your hair regularly. The act of massaging the oil into your scalp improves blood circulation that in turn nourishes the hair follicles. This makes your hair grow healthier and faster. 

While a scalp massage feels good with any kind of oil, not all oils have the same benefits for your hair. Using mineral based oils is obviously a bad idea. This can do more harm than good. Herbal oils are a much better choice for a scalp massage. There are a number of different brands that manufacture and market herbal hair oils. While some are unknown brands, there are a few that are recognized as trusted names in the space. 

Let’s compare some of these hair oils and weigh their pros and cons.

1. ByGrandma Hair Oil vs Khadi Hair Oil

Khadi is a leading manufacturer and exporter of natural skincare and haircare products. The brand offers 6 different types of herbal hair oils. While the Neem Teatree & Basil Hair Oil purifying and detoxes the scalp to protect it from infections, the Rosemary & Henna Hair Oil reduces inflammation. Their pure Amla oil nourishes and strengthens hair follicles. In this way, 5 of the hair oils from the Khadi range perform specific functions for hair care. The brand does also offer herbal hair oil with a combination of 18 herbs. This combination of herbs prevents dandruff and smoothens the hair. However, it does not do much for hair growth.

On the other hand, ByGrandma offers a single type of Herbal Hair Oil. This one hair oil is packed with the goodness of multiple herbs. This includes almost all the different herbs contained in all the Khadi hair oils. It also contains many other herbs that have found themselves mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic texts. 

For example, it contains Bhringraj extract that promotes hair growth. Many people will testify that hair oils that contain his ingredient have helped their hair grow thicker and longer. It also contains curry leaf extract. What this ingredient goes is slow down the aging process and prevent premature greying. Wouldn’t you like your hair to stay its natural color without having to dye it?

2.ByGrandma Hair Oil vs Patanjali Hair Oil

Patanjali is one of the more recent entrants to the natural skincare and haircare sector. The company is a little over a decade old. What’s interesting to note is that Patanjali does not manufacture all its products in house. Instead, they outsource the production of many products to small firms. When it comes to herbal hair oil, Patanjali offers 10 different hair oils. This includes amla hair oil, sheetal hair oil, and almond oil. They also offer a kesh kanti hair oil that contains a mix of 4 ingredients. While the other hair oils have specific benefits depending on the core herb, this hair oil performs multiple functions such as strengthening the hair, reducing hair fall, preventing dandruff and preventing greying. 

ByGrandma is a smaller and younger company as compared to Patanjali. As mentioned above, they offer a single hair oil that promises to perform multiple roles. This hair oil doesn’t just strengthen and nourish the hair follicles but also prevents premature greying, reduce hair fall and makes it softer to touch. Apart from the product range, there is one major difference between the products marketing under the two brand names. ByGrandma does not outsource any of its manufacturing. Each product marketed under the brand name is manufactured by the ByGrandma team. Quality control is not just a step at the end of the bottling process but part of every step of the manufacturing process. It starts from the sourcing of ingredients to extracting their properties, combining them in the right proportions, filtering the oil and packaging them. This gives ByGrandma a high level of control over the quality of the product being manufactured and ensures that each bottle of hair oil with the ByGrandma logo is made with the best ingredients.

3.ByGrandma Hair Oil vs Vcare Hair Oil

VCare Herbal Hair Oil is an extension of the hair care offered by the salon and spa run by the same group. The hair oil contains a number of natural substances and oils that promises to add value to the look and feel of your hair. It does not use any synthetic fragrances or preservatives. With regular use, the hair oil promises to strengthen the hair follicles, boost hair growth, retain hair color and thicken hair. The oil is believed to be manufactured with a cold processing technique and chromo therapy treatment.

Like the VCare Herbal oil, ByGrandma Herbal Hair Treatment Oil also contains no synthetic fragrances or preservatives. This is a vegetarian product that has been certified by the FSSAI. It is suitable for all hair types and contains a rich combination of Ayurvedic herbal ingredients. Each ingredient in this hair oil plays a role in hair care. For example, hibiscus oil improves blood circulation thus nourishing the hair and boosting hair growth. Bhringraj is an ancient Ayurvedic herb that is known to slow down the aging process. Thus, it prevents premature greying and keeps you looking younger. This hair oil also contains castor oil, basil leaf extract, and amla. These ingredients are known for their antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Thus, the hair oil doesn’t just make your hair longer and shinier, it also protects the scalp and hair from infections.

4.ByGrandma Hair Oil vs Lotus hair Oil

The Lotus Herbal Kera Veda Hair Oil is directed towards being a treatment for hair fall. It is made with a combination of many herbs including Brahmi oil, bhringraj, amla, and harad. Massaging the scalp with this hair oil gives the hair follicles the strength they need to keep from breaking and falling. The combination of herbs has an effect not only on the hair but also on the person’s mental health. Stress is known as one of the common causes of hair fall and the ingredients in this hair oil help fight against that stress and reduce its impact. It also helps fight against dandruff.

In terms of ingredients, ByGrandma uses many similar Ayurvedic herbs as well as a few other herbs. This oil is also very good at strengthening the hair and nourishing it. It doesn’t just prevent hair fall but also thickens and adds volume to your tresses. The difference between the ByGrandma Hair Oil and Lotus Hair Oil isn’t just about ingredients. It’s about how the oil is made. Lotus is a big brand that manufactures and markets its products on a large scale. On the other hand, ByGrandma is much smaller. This works to its advantage as it allows the brand to make each product on a much smaller scale.ByGrandma Herbal Hair Oil is akin to homemade hair oils as it is made in small batches. Thus, a lot more attention can be paid to the treatment of the various ingredients. If you like cooking, then it’s akin to the difference between cooking for your family and catering the same dishes for a wedding. A dish cooked in limited quantities is always packed with more flavour.

5.ByGrandma Hair Oil vs Kalyani Hair Oil

The Kalyani hair oil is based on the therapeutic properties of onions. Onion is known to accelerate hair growth and thicken hair. When massaged into the scalp, it strengthens the hair roots and reduces hair fall. The oil also contains other herbs and natural ingredients such as Hibiscus extracts, fenugreek, amla, burdock root, basil, blackseed, and jojoba oil. This gives the hair oil antifungal and antimicrobial properties that fight against scalp infections. The hair oil can be used by men and women with all types of hair.

ByGrandma hair oil is based purely on Ayurvedic herbs. One of the aspects of onion for hair care that goes a little against it is the pungent smell associated with it. Since the ByGrandma Hair Oil does not contain any such ingredients, it has a pleasant aroma. ByGrandma also understands that it does not take a single product for good hair care. To have good hair, you need to not only massage your hair regularly but also nourish it from within by eating right. For this reason, along with its herbal hair oil, ByGrandma also offers a range of nutritional porridge mixes. This allows you to nourish your hair from within and topically to get the maximum benefits. 

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ByGrandma Hair Oil is easily available online and offline. It is stocked by a number of stores in cities across India. If you prefer the convenience of shopping from your couch, you could check out the ByGrandma herbal hair oil and other products on popular e-commerce websites as well as on the ByGrandma website. 

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