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1. Introduction
2. Benefits of an Oil Massage
3. The Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil
4. How to Use this Hair Oil?

Ayurvedic hair oil is the best alternative when it comes to hairfall. Your hair is your crowning glory. Whether you’re a man or a woman, everyone wants good hair. Hair that is thick, lustrous and in the case of most women- long. The quality of your hair is affected by many factors. Some like genetics are out of your control. However, others like your diet and the way you look after your hair are well within your reach. Eating healthy keeps your hair nourished from within. In addition to this, you should oil your hair regularly. Ayurvedic and herbal hair oils are the best oils for a scalp massage. 

Benefits of an Oil Massage

An oil massage on a Sunday morning feels great! If you ask your parents and grandparents, this massage was almost a weekly ritual. An oil massage nourishes your scalp and moisturises it. The act of massaging the scalp opens the pores and improves blood circulation. This helps oxygen and essential nutrients in the bloodstream reach the hair follicles and thus aids in better hair growth. It also helps loosen dead skin cells and thus keeps the scalp clean. This reduces the risk of scalp infections and keeps your hair healthy.

The oils you use to massage your scalp can also affect the quality of your hair. For this reason, it is important never to use oils that contain chemicals or preservatives in them. Ayurvedic oils are the best bet since these oils contain herbal ingredients and no added synthetic ingredients. There are many different types of Ayurvedic oils you can use. Many of these oils hero a single ingredient that have therapeutic properties for hair growth. Let’s take a closer look at some of these oils.

1.Bhringraj Hair Oil

When you talk of Ayurvedic hair oil, this is the first oil you will probably come across. Bhringraj oil has been a popular elixir for hair growth and other hair treatment oil for centuries. This dense oil penetrates deep into the scalp and helps treat conditions like dry scalp and dandruff that affect your hair. 

It also protects hair follicles and thus reduces hair fall. In addition, it widens the blood vessels in the scalp to improve blood flow to follicle roots and thus promotes new hair growth. Bhringaj oil can also help prevent premature greying and preserve your natural hair colour.

2.Onion Hair Oil

Onion hair oil is a proven remedy for hair fall and slow hair growth. It is also used as Ayurvedic hair treatment oil.It can even prevent and treat certain types of baldness. It does not just help your hair longer, it makes your hair thicker as well. The onion juice in this oil has a number of antioxidants that optimize the hair growth cycle by boosting the performance of certain enzymes. 

Onion is also a rich source of Sulphur. This prevents split ends, breakage of hair and keeps hair from thinning. In addition, onions help regulate the pH levels in the hair so as to prevent premature greying.

3.Sesame Oil

Sesame oil can be used not only in the kitchen but for your personal hair care as well. This oil is packed with nutrients such as vitamin B complex, vitamin Z, magnesium, calcium, proteins, and phosphorus. 

Together they nourish and strengthen your hair. It reverses the damage caused by chemicals used during other hair treatments and aids in hair growth. This oil also helps prevent and treat fungal and bacterial scalp infections. That’s not all, it cools the scalp too and helps retain moisture.

4.Neem Oil

Neem is best known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. When used as hair treatment oil and massaged into the scalp, it fights infections and helps keep the scalp and hair follicles healthy. The fatty acids and nutrients in Neem oil condition your scalp and promote hair growth. It also soothes frizzy hair and minimises greying. 

If you have head lice, a neem oil massage could be very helpful in treating the condition. Similarly, neem oil can be an effective form of treatment for scalp infections like dandruff.

5.Curry Leaf Oil

Here’s another kitchen ingredient that can be used to improve your hair quality. Oil made from curry leaves can treat damaged hair and open up the clogged hair follicles. It thus reduces hair fall and makes your tresses thicker. When the roots are strong and protected, your hair will grow longer too. 

Curry leaves are an excellent source of beta-carotene and proteins. This helps increase hair growth and removes dead hair follicles that could trigger a dandruff infection. The vitamin B in this hair oil also helps prevent premature greying.

6.Castor Oil

Castor oil is another ancient Ayurvedic oil that can improve your hair. This oil moisturizes the scalp, helps fight dandruff and gives your hair a silky, smooth shine. 

It is a rich source of ricinoleic acid that helps fight scalp inflammation and enhances the health of hair follicles. Some people claim that using this hair oil can boost hair growth by up to 5 times the normal rate.

7.Coconut Oil

Massaging your scalp with cold pressed coconut oil is the simplest way to keep your hair and scalp healthy. This oil often acts as a base oil for Ayurvedic hair treatment recipes. It contains a number of essential fatty acids and vitamins that nourish the scalp and remove sebum buildup from the hair follicles. 

Since the chemical structure of this hair oil is similar to the natural lipid structure in our hair, coconut oil can penetrate the hair deeper than other oils. This makes it a great way to condition your hair. Conditioning your hair with coconut hair oil make sit more manageable, less frizzy and easier to comb through. It also makes your hair shinier.If you want more Ayurvedic hair oil list, check our blog 16 Ayurvedic herbs for better hair growth and thickness . Hope there you will find some more useful information.

The Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Each of these hair oils has unique benefits for your hair growth. Now imagine, if one can do so much good, what would happen if you could use a combination of all of them. This is not a revolutionary idea. Many people have over the years combined oils according to their needs to nourish their hair. Coconut oil is a common base for this combo oil. You can do it yourself too. But, it may be difficult getting all the individual oils and then figuring out the right proportion to mix them. This is where ByGrandma comes in.

ByGrandma Herbal Hair Oil is the best Ayurvedic hair oil for your scalp and tresses. This hair oil combines many different types of oil and herbal extracts in a unique formula that nourishes, strengthens and protects your hair. By keeping your hair strong, it ensures that your hair grows better too. Some of the ingredients in this hair oil include Cold pressed coconut oil , Castor oil, Sesame oil, Henna extract, Bhringraj Extract, Hibiscus flower extract, Curry leaves extract, Khus grass, Neem extract, Amla extract, Lavender oil, Basil extract and Tea tree oil. Together they contain all the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids you may want to nourish your hair with. In addition to improving hair quality, a scalp massage with this hair oil can also help keep your head cool during the summer and prevent migraines. 

This hair oil is made with only herbal ingredients. There are no added chemicals, preservatives or colouring agents. Thus, it is suitable for all hair types and for people of all ages. You can also check best Ayurvedic hair oil review .

How to Use this Hair Oil?

Using the ByGrandma herbal hair oil is easy. Take a few drops on your fingers and gently massage into the scalp. Try to use only the tips of your fingers and move them in a circular pattern. You can apply this hair oil an hour before your shower but for the best results, it should be left overnight. Do not apply this oil on hair that has been freshly shampooed. You may massage your scalp with this oil on a weekly basis or even 4-5 times each week.

Getting the ByGrandma herbal hair treatment oil is easy. This hair oil is available online and offline. You can find it at your neighborhood departmental stores or order it online through the ByGrandma website or e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. So, are you ready to make your hair shine?

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