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1. Introduction
2. Benefits of Hair Oil

Are you getting the most out of your hair oil?  Another one basic question, are you oiling your hair regularly? Remember our mom used to slather our hair with good oil regularly to keep them healthy and luscious. Are we still doing it is a question mark yet?

Hair seems to be a confident booster for both the sex. Either you be a guy or girl, you will consciously look at your hair as an important factor to showcase your personality. Providing basic care to your hair makes it look luscious and healthy.We prefer having beautiful long, thick and shiny hair is a desire being a girl, but are we following a hair care regimen to accomplish our woes? We had a discussion, we as ( me and my friend) regarding the hair care regime to follow.

Anne: do you think I need to follow a hair care regime for my healthy hair desire? 

Me:  everything to become better needs a regular process, so it goes the same for your hair. 

Anne: When we were kids, mom used to slather our hair and as soon as we grew up, we stopped doing it on a regular basis, should we get back to those days practice? 

Me: though we got into the modern world with chemical-rich products, natural products are always incredible in providing their benefits

Hair oil is one of the most important and irreplaceable things to do on a regular basis, to achieve your hair dream. 

Anne: is it that, I oil my hair and get that flawless hair than ever before?

Me: healthy eating, having a nutrient-rich diet is a mandate to follow, just oiling and loading yourself with junk won’t help you to get a good hair.Healthy eating is the first thing to be taken care of and then comes all the hair oiling and packs to your hair.

Anne: so I do oil my hair? What will I achieve? 

Me: oiling seems to be a traditional method, but they provide good nourishment to your hair. They rejuvenate your hair follicles and relaxes your scalp.

Oiling treats dryness and frizziness in your hair, as it flows through the follicle and provides the required nourishment to your hair.

Dry scalp is always an issue that irritates you the most. Hot oiling helps to avoid that issue. Reduces brittleness in your hair and eliminates split-ends. It strengthens your hair strands and promotes hair thickening. 

Anne: cool that hair oil provides a lot of benefits to my hair but which hair oil to prefer. 

Me: ByGrandma’s hair comes to the rescue, the products of ByGrandma are completely natural and makes your skin glow and hair shine. The oil is 100% natural with loaded minerals and herbs, homemade hair oil provides natural therapy for your hair which combats hair falls and builds a better hair regrowth. Their ingredients are eye-catching like amla, castor oil, basil which promotes healthy hair growth hibiscus oil which ensures good blood circulation to the scalp which means healthy hair. Interesting ingredient Khus grass which has a property of soothing your body and hair. Bhringaraj prevents early whitening of hair.

Benefits of Hair Oil


  • Prevents premature greying and whitening of hair 
  • Controls hair fall
  • Treats damaged hair, frizzy hair and split ends 
  • Nourishes your scalp when massaged 
  • Promotes hair growth and thickening 
  • Treats dry scalp 
  • Controls dandruff 

Anne: where can I find the oil?

Me: they are available in the online stores and the amazing thing is that it has free shipping for orders above INR 699 

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