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1. What is postpartum depression?
2. Symptoms of postpartum depressions
3. How to deal with postpartum depression ?


What is postpartum depression?

Postpartum depression is nothing related to a severe character flaw or a weakness. Giving birth is not easy. The birth of a baby can trigger a lot of emotions, it can be overwhelming joy or sadness, anxiety and can also be fear. It is becoming these days as almost 80 per cent of mothers have these feelings after they give birth. It is most common for you to start feeling different and difficult after the first 3 weeks of your child’s birth. The rollercoaster of emotions can make it difficult for you to take care of you and your baby.Here Bygrandma takes the task to educate and help rectify the issue of postpartum depression among mothers.

Symptoms of postpartum depressions

Postpartum is often misunderstood as baby blues, which is actually not true. Baby blues are common but postpartum can be severe enough to disturb your ability to function normally. There are several indications like :

    •   Mood swings
    •   Anxiety
    •   Feeling overwhelmed
    •   Sleep deprivation
    •   Crying often for no reason
    •   Irritability
    •   Hard to focus and concentrate on daily activity
    •   Appetite related issues
    •   Difficulty in bonding with the child
    •   Fatigue or loss of energy
    •   Restlessness
    •   Feeling to hurt yourself or baby
    •   Fear that you cannot be a good mother
    •   Thoughts about death or suicide attempts


How to deal with postpartum depression ?

These symptoms are not to be mistaken as severe trauma, rather these are mere indications and one can easily relieve from the postpartum depression. Bygrandma’s advice mothers with 7 ways to deal with postpartum depression or post-pregnancy depression.

1.Eat healthy food like omega-3 rich food

Our food or diet acts to be the foremost cure for any of our health issues. Omega 3 rich foods are a good source of energy for all mothers. A proper mix of preservative less and organically prepared omega3 diet can be relied on for healing. For lactating mothers, an overall health benefit provider must help maintain a normal body metabolism, improve bone health and increase breast milk.

Flax seeds, walnuts, Salmon, Chia seeds etc are some of the foods that are rich in omega3. Hence selecting and preparing the right mix of omega 3 diet tends to be a tedious task; Bygrandma gives you the perfect mix in a healthy package. Bygrandma woman magic mix is an authentic mixture of organic omega3 diet that lactating mothers and women of all ages can rely on.

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2.Pamper yourself

Mind hovers over various thoughts when you are alone. Instead of being carried over by usual thoughts, you may distract yourself by doing what you like. Along with dedicating time to your family and child, spend some time for yourself. Rest, sleep, chat or engage in your hobbies. Enjoy being yourself and this may make you feel better.

3.Slowly reintroduce exercise

It’s common to be physically tired postpartum. During this span our body would be forced to remain in relaxation, but too much of inactivity is not a healthy practice. Try to do some exercise for at least 10 min as you can. You can also go for a walk with baby in a stroller.

4.Build network

You can even contact your friends, you can actually receive support as they too would have gone through the same phase or may be experiencing now. Joining with friends and building a network works out well also sharing your feelings with others creates a positive social interaction and lends you emotional support.

5.Build a secure bond with your baby

One of the issues in postpartum depression is inability to bond with your baby. But that may not means that the relationship is gonna be harder. This bonding is so simple. Just stay with your baby for a long time. Stay in the baby’s sight all day long. Never forget to breastfeed your baby. Breastfeeding is important for health as well as for establishing a strong mother and baby bond.As said breast milk is the best food for a baby, at times mothers may have trouble producing enough food for their baby. Bygrandma’s breast milk increase combo is a homemade, travel-friendly and easy to prepare a product that can support mothers in feeding their baby. The combo comprises porridge to help boost breast milk production and a baby porridge mix that can supplement the mother’s milk.

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6.Psychotherapy and Medications

When you feel uneasy to take self relaxing exercises or out of the way to gain emotional support, you can take some psychotherapy counselling. Antidepressants could be availed in the last resort with the consultation and advice of a legal medical practitioner.

7.Ask for Help

The most effective and reliable solution to overcome postpartum depression is asking for help. Talk to your loved ones, your closest friends or someone in your family. As everyone goes through this depression, their experience may help you to overcome this situation.

There is nothing to be worried about or stressed out having a postpartum depression. This is a very common phenomenon to every mother after her delivery. Not only first time mothers, women can even be triggered with this depression during every next delivery. Bygradma suggests you to take counseling sessions and medications to improve your physical and mental health. The healthy diet combos from Bygradma will help you and your baby stay healthy through the lactating period.