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Cuddles, ghost stories, myths, stories which taught us morals and of course the finger- licking food, reminds me of only one epitome, My Grandma. Taking back the train of memories of my Grandma leaves me nostalgic. Needless to say, our lives have evolved through ages and we have adapted ourselves to these changes, but few memories have instilled in our veins and we cannot afford to take it away from us. Festivals were always awaited. Grandma’s house was like a fascinating castle for me where I felt rich with love and pamper. Though a pygmy among all my cousins, my Grandma never made me feel left out. Every bit of her house seemed spellbinding to me, a small kitchen with Grandma’s specials which always kept me drooling, a room for pots and pans, neatly fenced wall separating the garden.

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Among all these chaos, she never forgot to take care of our diet and health especially for small babies. Every time she thought of feeding a baby, she used to involve herself in preparing the food an hour before. It became a mystery for me to know what happens inside the kitchen. The view appeased me, the gentleness and the love with which my grandma was preparing the food for the baby. Though I was too little to understand the ingredients she was mixing along, but she knew it well. It made me fell in love with her once more. She needed no nutritionist or a doctor to prescribe a diet for the baby.

Grandma’s way to prepare baby food

Tradition has changed a lot with time and we rely mostly on online purchasing of products with chemicals, probably because we find it convenient but we expect the same amount of originality and accessibility with the products. While buying such products we risk on the factors of credibility, whether the product has been created organically or not. Being a mom I could not risk with the kind of food my baby is fed with, so I wish I could use the Grandma’s way to prepare the food for my baby. Although we live in a modern society we still want to keep hold of the traditional food value system, especially for babies to provide them proper nutrition value. It is necessary to know a certain amount of nutrition intake for the babies, a certain method to prepare baby foods and proper sanitation methods.

Every mother craves to feed their babies with homemade baby food which will provide the baby proper calories and nutritious, because “ Maa sab janti hai”.

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