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15 Foods That Make Your Baby Gain Weight Organically
And best herbal foods that can help gain weight
Every mother wants her baby to be healthy and happy. A child’s weight gain is one of the primary concerns of a mother from the time the baby is born. It is important to note that not all babies gain weight at the same rate. Some babies gain weight in the initial few months and later plateau their weight gain while others gain weight at later stages in their life. 
Feeding a baby is meant to help mothers bond with the baby. This begins with breastfeeding but is not limited to it. Even when you feed your baby solid foods, the experience should be enjoyable for both of you. Thus, ensuring a well-balanced diet with all nutrition required to grow and be healthy is more important than just maintaining a session of feed. The tendency to prefer unhealthy calorie-rich foods increases with age, Hence, it becomes even more important to ensure a healthy diet plan for babies from an early age.
When you want your baby to gain weight it is important to include high-calorie food in his or her meals which have a good amount of protein, fats, and essential nutrients. There are many healthy options can be added to your baby’s meals to help with weight gain. 

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Here is a list of the best foods for weight gain

Breast Milk

Mother’s milk is the most nutritious food for babies. It is better than any other superfood available. It is highly recommended to breastfeed a baby for at least the first 6 months.  After this, you may supplement breast milk with solid foods but may continue breastfeeding your baby for another year. Breast milk is easily digestible, perfectly balanced and rich in protein. This helps the newborn gain immunity and weight in the early days. 
The mother needs to take good care of herself while breastfeeding. Nutritious food and a well-balanced diet are necessary for good milk supply and good quality of milk. Food like milk, lentils, chickpeas, almonds, whole grains, methi, dill, fennel, cumin, carom seeds, etc should be added to the mother’s diet for better milk quantity.


This fruit is very rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Potassium and carbohydrates. Loaded with calories it is a weight-gaining superfood for babies. Mashed bananas are easy to make and can be fed to a baby after he or she is 6 months old. This is a very travel-friendly food as well. Mashed bananas can be fed to a baby y itself to mixed with porridge.


It is good to add dairy products like yogurt to your child’s diet after the age of one year. Whole cream yogurt provides fats and calories that are essential for healthy weight gain in babies. It also helps improve digestion, boosts immunity and helps ease gastric troubles. Most children are happy to eat yogurt by itself. It may also be mixed with rice or porridge mixes.  Another way to make yogurt appealing for young children is to dilute it with water and make flavored shakes.


Ghee or clarified butter has a very high nutritional value. It can be introduced to a baby’s diet after the age of 9 months or 1 year (as suggested by a pediatrician). Homemade ghee from cream is the best to use. A few drops of ghee in porridge, pulses, khichdi, etc will help your baby gain weight. However, it is important to use ghee in moderation as an excess of it can upset your baby’s delicate stomach.

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Sweet Potatoes 

Sweet potatoes when in season, are easily available in the market. Like their more common cousin, the potato, they are easy to boil and mash.  Also, like the potato, sweet potatoes are a taste that pleases more children’s palate. However, they have a lower unhealthy fat content and higher healthy fat content. The sweet potato is tasty, nutritious and easily digestible by little ones. Rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, phosphorous, copper, potassium, manganese and dietary fibers it provides nutrition and helps with weight gain. 


Pulses are a staple in Indian households. They are full of nutrients, rich in proteins, magnesium, calcium, fibers, iron, and potassium. Pulses can be added to a baby’s diet after the age of 6 months easily in the form of soup called daal paani. In fact, many babies have daal paani as their first introduction to solid foods. Pulses like moong can be combined with rice or cooked with vegetables for a nutritious fiber-rich meal. Mashed khichdi with moong daal and rice is very popular food as it is easily digestible. 


Generally available in the market as finger millet, this superfood is perfect for babies. It is very rich in dietary fibers, calcium, iron, proteins, fatty minerals and vitamins of many kinds. Ragi helps boost weight gain and also aids in the development of a baby. It is easily digestible and can be introduced to babies in the form of idlis, porridge mix, shakes, dosa, cereals, etc. Ragi can also be incorporated into a toddler’s diet in the form of cakes, cookies, and puddings. If you don’t have the time to cook ragi, try ByGrandma’s sprouted ragi porridge mix. This homemade porridge mix is ideal for babies who have crossed the 6-month milestone. 


The avocado is a rich source of Vitamin E, C, B6, potassium, folate, copper, dietary fibers and fats. It has the highest protein content and is rich in monosaturated, good fat. Avocadoes can be served as dips, spreads or milkshakes. This is one of the best fruits to be added to the diet in the early stages and its creamy texture makes it easy to eat and digest for little ones. As it is high in fat a little serving is good enough for babies.


This is a powerhouse of protein and should be introduced to your baby after he or she turns one year old. Eggs are rich in saturated fats, vitamins, minerals and can be transformed into many tasty dishes. Boiled and mashed eggs can be easily mixed with porridge to add flavor and enhance the nutrition your baby receives. 


Oats are very rich in fiber and other essential nutrients. At the same time, it is low in saturated fat content and cholesterol. It’s an easily digestible breakfast option for children as it prevents constipation and regulates bowel movements. It is also a good source of iron, magnesium, zinc, thiamine, phosphorous, etc. Oats can be easily incorporated in meals such as porridge, pancakes, dosa, kheer, cookies. It can even be mixed with vegetables for a more wholesome meal. ByGrandma’s Ragi and Oats porridge mix is ideal for babies older than the age of 1 year. 

Whole Wheat and Rice

Rich in dietary fibers, proteins, minerals and antioxidants, whole wheat helps children gain weight steadily. This can be introduced in an everyday meal as chapattis, pancakes, Dalia or cereal mixes as per the child’s age. ByGrandma’s wheat-based porridge mix is a healthy snack not just for babies but for adults as well. It combines all the goodness of wheat with dry fruits to make it a wholesome food. 
Rice is another easily digestible food for babies. Rich in carbohydrates, minerals, Vitamin B and iron, it helps with weight gain while giving the child energy. Boiled rice is a staple for almost all Indian children. When rice is sprouted, its nutritional value increases. ByGrandma’s sprouted rice porridge mix can be fed to 6-month old babies and has proved to be quite effective as a weight gain food. 

Porridge food for baby


Whole cream dairy milk can help children gain weight.  Milk is rich in nutrients such as calcium, protein, vitamins, and minerals that are considered necessary for the growth of a child. After a child turns one year old, cow’s milk can be included in his or her diet as shakes, flavored milk, homemade ice creams, puddings, custards and more. 

Seeds and dry fruits

Dry fruits and nuts are very nutritious. They are good sources of healthy fats and should be introduced to babies as early as after 6 months. Almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, raisins, dates, etc are some of the foods you can introduce to your baby. Seeds as sesame, pumpkin, flax, etc contain healthy fats, antioxidants, and minerals and can also be included in small amounts along with nuts. If your baby does not like the taste of nuts, try cashew nut butter or peanut butter. You can also give your baby almond milk.

Olive Oil

Always use cold-pressed and filtered oil rather than refined oil when cooking for children. Olive oil is considered one of the healthiest cooking oils. It contains good fatty acids that can help children gain weight naturally. It also contains antioxidants and monosaturated fatty acids which help improve the child’s skin. 

Seasonal fruits and vegetables

Abundantly rich in fibers, natural sugars, vitamins, immunity building minerals, and much more, fruits and vegetables should be added to every meal. Every fruit has its own unique benefits. Some foods to try include pears, carrots, tomatoes, pineapples, mangoes, papayas and green, leafy vegetables. When the baby’s very young, you can boil these foods and mash them before mixing it with the child’s porridge. As the child grows older, you could try making colorful chaats and salads, or serving them blanched vegetables. Fresh fruit juices are also a healthy option.

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Bonus: Weight Gaining Porridge Mixes

Looking after a baby is a full-time job and any mother of a toddler will tell you that 24 hours aren’t enough in a day. That’s why, ByGrandma created a rage of porridge mixes that are easy to make, nutritious and full of flavour. These porridge mixes do not contain any preservatives or synthetic ingredients and are 100% vegetarian. Manufactured in small batches, these porridge mixes maintain the nutritional value of porridge you would make at home. 

Porridge varieties : ByGrandma

ByGrandma offers 4 porridge varieties to help babies gain weight – Ragi and Oats Porridge Mix, Plain Rice Porridge mix, Sprouted Ragi Porridge Mix and Sprouted Ragi, Green Gram, Dalia with Almonds Porridge Mix. 
The Ragi and Oats Porridge Mix helps in weight gain, is highly nutritious, easy to digest and a good source of iron, calcium, fiber, and other vitamins and minerals. It is ideal for babies over the age of 1 year. 
ByGrandma’s Plain Rice Porridge Mix, is a specially formulated for babies who are 6 to 8+ months old. This porridge is easy to digest and less likely to cause allergic reactions. It helps babies gain weight and helps regulate digestion.
The Sprouted Ragi Porridge Mix acts as a rich source of iron and calcium. It is easy to digest, relieves stress and helps the baby gain weight.
Lastly, the Sprouted Ragi, Green Gram, Dalia with Almonds Porridge Mix meets all the nutritional needs of a 1-year old baby, improves digestion and helps the baby gain weight and height. 
ByGrandma porridge mixes aren’t just nutritious, they’re easy to make and travel-friendly too. As your baby’s palate develops, you can enhance the nutritional value and flavors of these porridge mixes by adding boiled and mashed fruits and vegetables to it. Ghee and salt can be added only after a baby has reached the age of 1 year. 
These porridge mixes are easily available in your neighbourhood department stores as well as eCommerce platforms. You can also buy your stock of ByGrandma porridge mixes from the ByGrandma website. So, what are you waiting for- give your baby those chubby cheeks you love with ByGrandma.

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