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2. 8 Month Old – Baby Food Chart
3. Introduction
4. Pincer Grasp?
5. But what is Finger Food?
6. If your Eight-month-old drinks more than required milk?
7. 8 Feeding Tips For your little tot
8. Tips To Increase the Appetite in Babies
9. Snack Ideas For Your Tot
10. Things you should keep in mind


Podcast for Bygrandma 8 months baby food chart

8 Month Old – Baby Food Chart

Making food choices for your 8 month old little one stressing you out? We like to see you happy. Here’s an easy option to prepare your baby’s personalised nutritional food chart.

Hello Moms!

Did your eight-month-old baby give you positive reactions when shown food? Is your little tot getting attracted to good tasty foods? Pouncing on your plate? Isn’t it cute?

Well, Good News!

Your baby is ready to move on to the world of delicious and tasty foods. Apart from crawling and exploring things around, your baby needs more energy than before for other activities.

So, what are you thinking? Offer your baby a bowl of Rice Porridge! Right away, you can see your baby gulping it down and full of enegry.

Wondering what else could be featured in the list of 8-month baby food chart?

By Grandma is here to give you the best food ideas for your baby.

Pincer Grasp?

Chances are very high that by the time your baby is 8-month old, he/she will figure out how to use her thumb and forefinger to pick up food. And this is known as Pincer Grasp!

Your baby is going to let you know that she’s ready for self-feeding. That can happen wither when you are feeding your baby or snatching food off your baby’s plate.

But what is Finger Food?

Any bite which is small in size, soft and melts in mouthpieces of food that your baby can pick up easily and eat it all by themselves is called Finger Food. Cooked carrots, papaya, boiled potato salad, banana, cut apples are some examples of finger food.

So, offering finger foods is the best bet to encourage your baby towards self-feeding.

Oh Yes! Don’t force the baby though. As any baby will adopt eating habits at their own pace.

If your Eight-month-old drinks more than required milk?

By Grandma has always suggested mother’s to keep breastfeeding the babies at least till they are 1 year old. Ideally, you can reduce the amount of milk to accommodate intake of solid foods. But if your concern is that your baby drinks more than the average quantity of milk, then there might be couple of reasons behind it:

1. A very strong urge to suck while breastfeeding. Yes! Don’t be surprised but this can make your baby drink more. You can prevent this by using a pacifier for your little tot.

2. Use of Fast Flow Bottles can make the baby drink more than the required amount of milk. The solution can be measuring the amount of milk your baby needs for each feed.

8 Feeding Tips For your little tot

Grandma knows that it’s extremely tiring to feed an 8-month old baby. But Grandma also has hidden secrets which will help in making the mealtime a joy for your baby as well as you!

1. Feeding small-small portions of food through the day.

2. Just half a cup of food each time. Just Half Cup!

3. Introduce One food. Check if the baby is allergic. If Yes, consult a pediatrician. If No, Then continue. This will help you identify your baby’s food allergies.

4. A strict NO to processed foods.

5. Keep talking to your baby during meal time. Make it interactive.

6. Look out for foods that boost grey cells of the brain and offer energy.

7. A strict NO to sugar and salt in homemade recipes too!

8. If your baby is a fussy eater, be patient