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“I want the best of everything for my baby” – is the one common motto for every new mother across the world. So before the baby is born, you try to do the best you can do research about different aspects of caring for your newborn. Needless to say, baby skin care features in that all-important list of things to buy.
As a parent you want your baby's skin should be bright and fair.

The goodness of tedibar soap!

Tedibar Soap makes bath time a fun time for your baby! Check our honest review about Tedibar Soap and give it a shot! 

Is Tedibar soap good for babies

5 Interesting Facts About Baby Skin!

1. Newborn baby skin is not what you expect

Of course, your baby is the world’s most beautiful baby to you. But, you can’t deny that the newborn baby skin is not the smooth, shiny and soft skin that you love to smell and touch. Most babies are born with skin which has a reddish tinge, caused by blood circulation system that is just getting started. This is normal. It takes a couple of months for babies to develop their permanent skin tone.

Does Tedibar soap improve complexion?

2. Baby skin is extremely thin

Yes, newborn baby skin is extremely delicate. It is so thin that you can even see most blood vessels under the skin. It has been said that baby skin is only one-fifth the thickness of the adult skin.

Which soap is best for baby fairness

3. Baby skin is extremely sensitive

Be mindful of dressing your baby for appropriate weather conditions. In winter, if your baby’s hands and feet appear a little blue, it indicates the baby needs more layers of clothing. In summer, it’s best to keep the baby out of direct sunlight (10 am to 4 pm) until 6 months of age. If you must be outdoors with your baby, remember to apply age-appropriate sunscreen on exposed parts of the body and carry a hat/cap.

herbal skin brightening baby bath powder

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4. Baby skin color is governed by genes

No amount of washing with soap and applying creams is going to make a baby fair if his/her genetic structure defines otherwise. So embrace your baby’s skin color and help them grow up to be confident, successful individuals.



5. Baby skin does not have to wash very often

In India, a daily bath is a common routine for a baby. However, in many parts of the western world, there is a different standard. Bathing 3 times a week is considered adequate until the age when babies start crawling and become messy. Until then, a wipe down and pat dry is sufficient for most other days.

Baby Wash Care Soap!

Which soap is best for Colour improvement

Knowing how delicate baby skin is, parents, choose baby skin care products with utmost care. One of those developed exclusively for babies is the Tedibar soap. It is a product that was introduced in India in 2008 by Curatio, a dermatology company. Tedibar, the soap-free bar cleanser to be used for newborns right from their first bath – This is the Tedibar soap care promise.It contains a list of ingredients, which is mentioned clearly on its packaging.

tedibar soap ingredients

How Good is Tedibar Soap Review Time?

Upon using it, one can observe:

1. It has a mild fragrance, which is likely to appeal to all babies.
2. It comes with a distinct tray to hold the soap and also allows excess water from the soap to drain effectively. Therefore, the soap is likely to longer than other baby soaps.
3. It is priced higher than baby soaps from Johnson & Johnson, Himalaya Baby Care, and Chicco. However, it is lower than baby soaps from Sebamed and Aveeno Baby Care.
4. A little bit of the Tedibar soap is enough to create a lather. This also means a thorough wash is required to wash off the soap from the baby.
5. Unlike other soaps, it does not provide a No-tear guarantee

You could give Tedibar soap a try, as recommended by many pediatricians and dermatologists.  Even the most extensive research, reviews, and recommendations cannot predict how your little one takes to it. After bathing one day, wait to observe any adverse skin reactions like reddened skin, scaly patches or itching of the skin. If you suspect a reaction, contact your pediatrician immediately.

herbal skin brightening baby bath powder `

You can purchase the Tedibar soap online or from pharmaceutical stores.

Tips to keep Baby’s Skin Healthy!

As we mentioned previously, baby skin is soft and extremely sensitive. While your baby may enjoy a warm bath every day, avoid letting him/her stay in the water for more than 5 minutes. This avoids the baby’s skin from drying excessively. Pat dry instead of rubbing off water after a bath. Apply baby lotion or moisturiser after bath to help the skin remain soft. Switch off the fan or air conditioner to ensure your baby does not catch the chill soon after a bath.

Wash Care For Baby Clothing!

Washing baby clothes is a daily part of every parent’s routine. Ensuring you have clean, hygienic clothes for your little one is a prerequisite to keeping them healthy. Baby clothes may have drool, milk, spit up, pee and poop particles in them, all of which are best cleaned off as early as possible from the clothes.

baby cloth and skin

Listed below are some tips to help you get a clean load of baby clothes at your disposal:

1. Separate baby clothes from your clothes.
2. If there are any tough stains on baby clothes, soak them beforehand.
3. Check clothing label for wash care instructions.
4. Choose the right wash detergents. Using detergents with strong chemicals may cause clothes to have a residue. This may cause skin irritation to babies.
5. However, if your baby is not allergic, you can use regular detergents.
6. Wash new garments and soften them before use.

    In conclusion, we hope our review of the Tedibar soap and tips for baby skin care are helpful to you. Baby skin is precious and caring for it should be given its due care and effort. Bath time also provides a great opportunity for the baby to bond with parents. Make good use of this wonderful time with your baby!

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