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1. Introduction
2. Why Choose Bath Powders
3. ByGrandma Baby Bath Powder vs Subhra Bath Powder
4. ByGrandma Baby Bath Powder vs Ancient living Luxury Bath Powder
5. ByGrandma Baby Bath Powder vs Nalangu Maavu
6. So, Ready to Try ByGrandma’s Bath Powder?

Bygrandma baby bath powder is a purely natural and herbal baby bath powder which suits your lil ones delicate skin.

It’s interesting how things in life always go full circle. In your grandma’s time, bathing was all about homemade bath powders. In the next generation, it was all about bar soaps. Then came in gel soaps- more travel-friendly as compared to bar soaps and also, unfortunately, more expensive. With everyone becoming more conscious about the effect of chemicals on the body, bar soaps and gels aren’t as popular today as they once were. Instead, we’re moving back to choosing herb-based bath powders.

Why Choose Bath Powders

The main reason for the popularity of baby bath powders is of course because they are made with Ayurvedic, herbal ingredients. These bath powders contain no synthetic additives or chemical preservatives. But, his isn’t the only reason for its popularity. Since it contains no chemicals, it is safe for children and adults of all ages. Bath powders are also very travel-friendly. Unlike bar soaps, there’s no fear of them carrying wet soaps in your luggage. And, unlike gel soaps, there’s no fear of the soap leaking out in your suitcase.

So, the only question remaining is- what’s the best baby bath powder? Let’s compare a few and find out.

ByGrandma Baby Bath Powder vs Subhra Bath Powder

Subhra Bath powder is a herbal bath powder that contains no chemicals and does not harm the skin in any way. Regular use of this bath powder can keep sweat pores from clogging, make your skin smooth, keep it from drying out in the winter and fight bacterial and fungal infections.

ByGrandma bath powder too is made from only herbal ingredients. It contains no chemicals or synthetic fragrances. The bath powder contains specific ingredients that fight against fungal and bacterial infections. What sets it apart is that ByGrandma realizes that it isn’t enough to simply use herbal ingredients. ByGrandma recognizes that a baby and an adult’s skin has different needs. A baby’s skin is much more delicate and requires special care. Thus, using a bath powder designed for adults on a baby’s skin can cause allergic reactions. For this reason, ByGrandma offers two different bath powders- one for adults and one for children. One of the main differences between the two is that the bath powder for adults contains dehydrated egg powder while the bath powder for babies, does not.

ByGrandma Baby Bath Powder vs Ancient living Luxury Bath Powder

The Ancient Living Herbal Bath Powder is a powerful blend of natural ingredients. The Navarra rice softens skin and gives it a little extra nourishment. The bath powder also helps maintain an oil balance in the skin and keeps it from drying out.

ByGrandma Bath Powder is a mix of many different herbal ingredients. These herbal ingredients don’t just moisturize your skin, they have ingredients with anti-microbial properties. For example, it contains neem leaves. Bathing with neem leaves protects your skin from fungal and bacterial infections. Similarly, ByGrandma bath powder for infants contains sweet flag. This is known for its therapeutic properties and can protect your infant from the flu & coughs and colds. It even acts as an insect repellant!

As a ByGrandma customer testifies, “I have used it for a couple of weeks & it works like magic to me. The best part is it’s very affordable & 100 % organic which contains Green Moong Dal, Egg White, White Turmeric, Wild Turmeric, Cyperus, Rotunda, Senna Auriculata (Avarampoo) & Nardostacys. It works as an antioxidant and gives you flawless skin & the glow you are looking for. It gives a soothing feel to the skin and makes you relaxed.”

And, she’s not the only, in another customer’s words. “It helps you get your natural glow back and removes tanning too. For me, when I used it as a face mask, initially I felt the sensation at the T-zone but it calmed down in like 20-30 sec. I have been using it every alternate day and loving how my skin feels now.”

ByGrandma Baby Bath Powder vs Nalangu Maavu

Nalangu Maavu is an ancient bath powder recipe for babies. The powder can be used as a bath powder or as a face wash. It can be used to bathe boys and girls above the age of 6 months. There’s only a slight difference in the recipe. While the bath powder for girls uses turmeric, the bath powder for boys replaces the turmeric with green gram dal. This is because regular turmeric can lead to shedding body hair for young boys. This means that if you have a girl child and a boy child, you need to have two different bath powders. This can get confusing at times.

ByGrandma bath powder also follows a traditional Ayurvedic recipe for bath powders. Each of these ingredients is chosen for its therapeutic value. What sets it apart is that all the ingredients it contains can be used for boys and girls. Thus, one bath powder is all you need for all your children. When you’re traveling, this can be very helpful and convenient.

So, Ready to Try ByGrandma’s Bath Powder?

ByGrandma has two unique bath powders – one for adults and another for babies.

The ByGrandma Skin Brightening Face Wash and Bath Powder for Adults contain Sprouted Green Moong Dal, Egg White, White Turmeric, Wild Turmeric, Cyperus Rotundas, Senna Auriculata and Nardostachys. It is rich in Vitamin C and acts as an antioxidant. The addition of egg white keeps skin from premature wrinkling. It also helps wounds heal faster.

The ByGrandma Skin Brightening Bath Powder for Babies contains Sprouted Moong Bean, Gram Dal, Sweet Flag, White Turmeric, Fenugreek, Reetha, Neem Leaves and Khus Grass. This ultra-gentle bath powder cleans your baby’s skin while protecting it from infections. In addition, the Khus grass acts as a natural coolant.ByGrandma bath powder is easy to use and travel-friendly. You can choose to get your stock of ByGrandma’s bath powder at your neighborhood department store or online. byGrandma’s bath products are available online at the brand’s website as well as at marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart.

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