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1. Introduction
2. Your Baby’s Skin Stays Clean
3. Baby Bath Powder Softens the Skin
4. Baby Bath Powder Evens Out Skin Tone
5. Baby Bath Powder Reduces Risk of Infection
6. Baby Bath Powder Maintain the pH levels in your baby’s skin
7. It Gives You Time to Bond with your Baby
8. Better Hand Eye Coordination and Visual Tracking
9. It Helps your Baby Relax
10. It Develops Cognitive skills
11. Improves Motor Skills
12. How to Get Benefits of Baby Bath Powder
13. Choosing the Best Baby Bath Powder

The first time you bathe your baby with baby bath powder is a memorable experience for every parent. It’s exciting yet worrying. After all, your baby is so tiny, so vulnerable and so delicate. They’ve got such soft skins that you worry about whether a bath is good or not so good for them. Every new parent worries that they may not get bath time right. Because of this, it’s tempting to ask someone with a little more experience; the baby’s grandmother or even a nurse to take care of bath time. However, bathing a baby yourself is very important. 

One of the biggest reasons why you should do this yourself is because you get control over how your baby is bathed. There are a number of bath soaps, powders and lotions available in the market. Not all of them are equally good for your baby. ByGrandma’s Baby Bath Powder contains only herbal ingredients and has zero chemicals. Thus, it cleanses your baby’s skin without having any negative effects. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the other ways you and your baby can benefit from a bath time. The effects of bath time on a baby can be categorised as physical effects and emotional effects. The latter are effects that you may not see immediately but will help your baby’s overall growth and development.

1.Your Baby’s Skin Stays Clean

When it comes to bathing, the first thought is why does a baby even need to be cleaned? Apart from when his or her diaper needs to be changed, babies look relatively clean all the time. Unlike a child, a baby doesn’t play in the mud or crawl around on the floor to become visibly dirty. This does not mean that your baby is clean. 

The skin on a human body is an organ that is constantly growing. New skin cells are formed and old skin cells on the epidermis are shed. Thus, like you, as your baby grows, they shed dead skin. Along with this, your baby’s skin secretes oils that traps dust from the air. Then, think of all the people who touch your baby through the day. Every time someone is in contact with your baby, they transfer skin cells and dirt to our baby’s skin. 

This layer of dead skin cells, oils and dust on your baby’s skin can interfere with the skin’s ability to breathe, Thus, skin cleansing needs to be a regular activity. 

2.Baby Bath Powder Softens the Skin

To cleanse a baby’s skin, you could use a bar soap, bath powders or gentle bath gels made specially for babies. All of these should keep your baby’s skin clean by removing the dirt and sweat accumulated on the baby’s skin. However, there is one big advantage bath powders have over other forms of baby skin cleansers. 

To use a baby bath powder for glowing skin, a portion of it must be mixed with water or milk to form a paste. This paste feels smooth but still has tiny granules. As the paste is scrubbed against the baby’s skin, baby bath powders for dry skins cleanses the skin and exfoliates rough skin. Thus, it removes dead cells from the epidermis and allows new skin cells to come to the surface. As a result, your baby gets soft and supple skin. 

3.Baby Bath Powder Evens Out Skin Tone 

Watching a baby grow is fascinating. They don’t just grow in terms of size and physical and mental ability, their complex skin tones also change. A baby skin complexion can take as long as 6 months to achieve their long-term skin tone. If you’re impatient and want a preview, take a look at your baby’s ears. 

Now all every mother wants is for her baby to have healthy skin but they also want their baby to look cute. This isn’t so much about whiter skin but about having an even tone of skin colour. Using a bath powder that contains ingredients such as turmeric can help you even out a baby’s skin tone and give him or her light skin. Thus, your baby won’t just have clean, healthy skin, he or she will also have glowing skin.

4.Baby Bath Powder Reduces Risk of Infection

When a baby is kept clean, the risk of infections is automatically reduced. After all, germs are not allowed to settle on your baby’s skin. A bath powder can do more than just this. ByGrandma’s baby bath powder is made with herbal ingredients that have specific advantages when it comes to baby healthcare. For example, it contains turmeric, a well know antiseptic and anti-bacterial agent. It also contains ingredients such as sweet flag root. This has a number of therapeutic properties that boost a baby’s immune system. It also acts as an insect repellent and keeps those pesky insects away from your baby. 

5.Baby Bath Powder Maintain the pH levels in your baby’s skin

The pH levels refer to the acid and alkaline levels of skin. A baby’s skin has a pH level of about 5.5. If it goes higher than this, your baby’s skin can thin out, making him or her susceptible to rashes and eczema. 

Soaps that contain chemicals typically affect a bay’s pH levels and thus increase their risk of such infections. This is one of the most important reasons you should avoid soaps that contain any type of chemical. However, bath powders for babies with softer skins is matched to the baby’s natural pH level and hence does not affect it. In turn, this reduces the risk of skin issues and allergies.

6.It Gives You Time to Bond with your Baby

Being  parent is not easy. Apart from looking after your baby, you have a home to handle, work to do if you have an active career and a number of other responsibilities. Bathing a baby requires attention and thus, this is time when nobody will disturb you. It is a distraction-free window into time just for you and your baby. Apart from time, bathing also involves a lot of skin to skin contact between baby and parent. It is probably the time when babies have maximum physical contact with their parents. This plays a very important role in building a strong bond between the parent and child. 

7.Better Hand Eye Coordination and Visual Tracking

For a bay, bath time is play time. Baby’s love shiny  bubbles. This doesn’t just distract them from the experience of being soaped and washed but also gives them something to look at. Bubbles can be used to encourage visual tracking and improve hand eye co-ordination. Visual tracking refers to the baby’s ability to follow the movement of a bubble with their eyes. You could help build these abilities by blowing bubbles across the bath and encouraging your baby to follow them with their eyes and reach out to touch them. 

8.It Helps your Baby Relax

To bathe your baby, you need to rub the soap on your baby’s skin. This action stimulates the nervous system. It evens out your baby’s breathing and heart rate, controls blood pressure and slows down the baby’s physiology. It also stimulates the baby’s pressure receptors and modifies brain waves to help a baby relax. 

We typically associate stress with work pressure and dysfunctional relationships. It is something we associate with adults. However, babies can also feel stress. Think about it- they’ve spent nine months on their own and seeing new faces, new sights ad hearing new sounds can increase their cortisol levels and give them stress. The bath experience for a baby reduces cortisol levels. Thus, it de-stresses them. This in turn helps improve the baby’s sleep quality.

9.It Develops Cognitive skills

Bathing a baby relaxes parents as well. And, what do we do when we’re feeling relaxed and happy- we smile and sing. Music plays a very important role in developing a baby’s cognitive abilities. Research has shown that the connections in a baby’s brain are strengthened by music. Thus, when you sing to your baby and talk to him or her, you’re helping them develop better cognitive skills. As your baby grows older, when you sing, they will be encouraged to respond. This will help develop speaking skills. Some of the bath time songs babies love include nursery rhymes like Five little ducks, Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.

10.Improves Motor Skills

Every baby loves to play. This not only keeps the baby engaged but also helps in the development of motor skills. For new born babies, a sponge can be a great bath time toy. As they play with it, squeeze, drop it and pick it up, the muscle strength of their tiny hands is increased. They learn how to grasp things and hold onto them. For a new born baby, it is important to ensure that this sponge is small enough to fit your baby’s hand. As your baby grows bigger, you can introduce other toys to their bath time experience.

How to Get Benefits of Baby Bath Powder

Now that you know how important bath time is, wouldn’t you like it to be a fun experience… Done the right way, you and your baby can enjoy bath time. 

The first thing you need to do is plan bath time correctly. Ideally bathe your baby when the sun is up. Carve out time when you know you won’t have to run back to finish something else. Put your phone on silent- there’s no one more important than your baby a bath time. Gather all the things you will need- towels, clean clothes, the bath powder, lotions, oils, talcum powder, toys etc. Bath powder needs to be mixed with water- hence, do this before you start bathing your baby. 

Next, get the bath water ready. A tub is the best place to bathe your baby. Place this on a table or ledge so that you do not have to bend and can bathe your baby comfortably. Fill the tub with water and heat it to the temperature you want. Using hot water can give your baby harder skin and affect the health of their skin. On the other hand, cold water can be uncomfortable. Water for a bath should ideally be lukewarm. Don’t put your baby into the water and then adjust water temperature- get the water to the perfect temperature before starting your baby’s bath. 

Before putting water on your baby’s head, you may want to make your baby wear a shower cap. This will keep the water and soap from flowing down his or her face. When it comes to cleansing your baby’s face, use a soft towel or sponge to wipe away the dirt.

Choosing the Best Baby Bath Powder

To get the most benefits out of baby bath time, you must choose the perfect bath powder. There are a number of baby bath powders with sensitive skins available today. To choose the perfect one, you must look carefully at their labels. Avoid anything that has chemicals listed on it. When you look at the ingredients, pay special attention to the first three in the list. Most labels list ingredients by the order of their usage. This means that the first few ingredients form the base of the bath powder.

ByGrandma offers a bath powder formulated specially for a baby’s delicate skin. ByGrandma’s Skin Brightening Bath Powder for Babies is designed for gentle skins. It clears the skin and deepens the pores. This is a chemical free bath powder made for nourishing skin and cleansing it. It contains a number of herbal ingredients such as turmeric, sweet flag root, sprouted moong bean, fenugreek and neem leaves. Each of these ingredients has unique properties that are beneficial to your baby’s skin and overall health. 

If you want your baby to enjoy a bath and have tender skin, try ByGrandma’s Skin Brightening Bath Powder for Babies. Order it online on the ByGrandma website and have it delivered to your doorstep just in time for bathtime.

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