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ByGrandma® Quick Cold Relief Oil

ByGrandma® Quick Cold Relief Oil - ByGrandma

ByGrandma® Quick Cold Relief Oil

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Quick Cold Relief Oil

This ByGrandma Quick Cold Relief Oil is made considering both the baby’s and adult’s skin. There is a need to put extra care when it comes to choosing skincare products. Also, chemical products can be harmful to baby’s skin as their skin is much thinner in comparison to adults. ByGrandma’s Quick Cold Relief oil is a perfect skin care remedy for you and your baby’s delicate skin. It is packed with natural ingredients like mustard oil, carom seeds, fenugreek etc. which has many health benefits. Garlic has antibacterial properties which protect skin from infections. It also helps relieve oxidative stress. Clove is known to treat a variety of infections and boosts the immune system. Since time immemorial, Mustard oil has been known for its health and skin care benefits. It nourishes and protects skin.


Mustard oil, Carom seeds, Fenugreek seeds, Garlic, Cloves

Direction to use

  • For adults gently apply on hair, underarms palms and feet.
  • For babies, massage baby’s body with Quick Cold Relief Oil."
  • Use it early morning before taking bath.
  • Use continuously for 3 days for the better result.


Helps fighting cold, makes the body relax,  improves skin tone, provides nourishment, makes skin healthy and lustrous, protects from infections.


Please consult your pediatrician if you find any side effects.

Mom's & Babies ❤️ Grandma's Food

My niece got neonatal acne caused by exposure to maternal hormones while she was in her mother's womb. After using ByGrandma's skin brightening powder, her face became clear within a week.


While cooking we need to stir it to make sure there is no lump. Maintain the consistency while cooking and your baby will gulp it happily!

Pinky Ratra

I have ordered 2 products Ragi and Rice-dal. Quality and Quantity is really good. My daughter doesn’t show interest in eating anything. But I was surprised that she liked the taste of them.

Tanvi Garg

Good product. Babies often catch a cold. Massaging this oil to their body gives them relief. My baby feels better whenever i massage with this oil.


And now my girl gets excited whenever she sees her food bowl and she enjoys her meal time now. The initial 10 days was difficult but now it is going smoothly. Here she is having rice porridge from @byygrandma .

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