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ByGrandma® Natural Weight Loss Porridge Mix

ByGrandma® Natural Weight Loss Porridge Mix - ByGrandma

ByGrandma® Natural Weight Loss Porridge Mix

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Natural Weight Loss Porridge Mix

ByGrandma’s Natural Weight Loss Porridge Mix is processed organically by using high-quality ingredients. The ingredients used in natural weight loss porridge mix are safe and very effective in losing weight naturally and building stamina. It is rich in protein and beneficial in treating obesity and strengthening immunity too.

How it works?

It has ingredients like horse gram which is low in calories and packed with protein, dietary fibre, vitamins and, minerals. Barley is also rich in fibre and helps in balancing the cholesterol level in the body. Dietary fibre present in the porridge prevents fat absorption in the body and this helps in losing weight, It also keeps you full for longer time. In addition pepper corn contains a  compound called piperine that suppresses fat accumulation in the body, strengthens immunity and fights against infections. The protein helps in muscle building and boosts your metabolism. It will keep your energy level high.


Sprouted Horse Gram, Barley, Cumin, Pepper Corns, and Curry Leaves

Direction to use

  • Add 1 big scoop of Porridge Mix with 100ml water in a vessel.
  • Put the vessel on a medium flame for 3-5 minutes. (Avoid non-stick pan)
  • Once the content thickens, switch off the stove. Add sweetener like palm jaggery (Optional)
  • Use it regularly in the morning as a breakfast for 30 days and experience dramatic* results. (avoid junk and oily foods)


Healthier and natural fat killer, increases metabolism rate, improves digestion, and muscle building.


Mom's & Babies ❤️ Grandma's Food

My niece got neonatal acne caused by exposure to maternal hormones while she was in her mother's womb. After using ByGrandma's skin brightening powder, her face became clear within a week.


While cooking we need to stir it to make sure there is no lump. Maintain the consistency while cooking and your baby will gulp it happily!

Pinky Ratra

I have ordered 2 products Ragi and Rice-dal. Quality and Quantity is really good. My daughter doesn’t show interest in eating anything. But I was surprised that she liked the taste of them.

Tanvi Garg

Good product. Babies often catch a cold. Massaging this oil to their body gives them relief. My baby feels better whenever i massage with this oil.


And now my girl gets excited whenever she sees her food bowl and she enjoys her meal time now. The initial 10 days was difficult but now it is going smoothly. Here she is having rice porridge from @byygrandma .

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