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6 Months Baby Food Chart

by By Grandma on November 09, 2019


Hello Moms!

If you are a new mom, you might be caught up with day-to-day motherhood chores that you haven’t had a chance to think about preparations for the next day, let alone next week. The little bundles of joy in your hands are simple and complicated at the same time. Simple as their needs are mostly food and sleep; complicated as their needs are mostly food and sleep! At 6 months, your baby gets ready for entry into the grand culinary circuit. That’s when life is bound to get a little more complicated for moms because you must start planning for your 6 months baby food chart.Making food chart for your 6+ months baby stressing you out? We like to see you happy. Here’s an easy option to prepare your baby’s personalised nutritional food chart. We have made an editable and downloadable 6 month baby food chart which helps all the new moms to handle thier 6 month babys diet hassel free.Unlinke other countries where the food and culture is common across the entire country. Whereas in India we have a vast group of diverse culture and food habits. This even goes with your 6 months babys diet chart as well.

For example, a 6 month baby food chart in Kerala will have different diet chart when compared with a 6 month baby food chart in Kolkatta.

The same goes with a 6 month baby food chart in Tamil Nadu is completely differnt from a 6 month baby food chart in Gujarat.You can be from any part of India but your Babys daily nutritional requirements remain the same you can follow any diet pattern according to your region and state but make sure your baby has a well-balanced nutitional diet.

Here is a downloadable of the 6 Month Baby Food Chart!


What Will You Get From This 6 Months Baby Food Chart?


  • List of Ingredients that are nutritious and easy to digest for your 6 months baby such as plain rice, ragi, sweet potato roasted gram, carrots, and apples.
  • 6 month baby food chart with time and recepie for indian babies.
  • How much should a Six Month Old Baby should eat the quantity and numbers.
  • Best food for a Six Months Old Baby with receipes and time table chart.
  • Ready-to-use day and week wise planner that defines the food group for each meal of the day.
  • Baby Meal ideas that can be served in porridge and puree forms that allow babies to experiment with different food and textures.
  • All the ingredients shown on the food chart for 6 month baby will be easily available in any Indian markets.


Fill up the form we’ll share the Food Chart right away!


Nutritional Requirement of a 6-Month Old Baby!

Here are the nutritional components in baby food for 6 months old:

  • Calcium: Calcium in food is essential for their bone and teeth development.
  • Iron: Iron helps carry oxygenated blood to all the developing parts of the body.
  • Zinc: Zinc helps cell repair and growth.
  • Fat: Fat insulates the baby and helps in brain development.
  • Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy and fuels their day-to-day activities.
  • Protein: These are a must for growth as they act as building blocks for cells.
  • Vitamins:  Deficiencies in a certain type of Vitamins (Eg: Vitamin D, Vitamin E etc) can lead to white spots on face and other parts of the body. These serve as a reminder to feed your baby a healthy, balanced meal. The white spots on the face will gradually disappear when the body receives adequate nutrition.
  • Minerals: Minerals like sodium and potassium directly influence the growth of the baby.


Easily Digestible 6 Month Baby Porridge


How much a 6 month Baby should eat?

A 6 month old baby is actually breastfed. You can start with servings of 5-10 ml or one teaspoon and increase the amount gradually. Do not force feed her as she may eat just half a spoon initially. Apart from this, solid food can be introduced either during breakfast or lunch. Now, one should introduce only one food and observe the baby by continuously feeding the same food for at least three days. If the baby is happy and shows no sign of any allergy, then you can try other food varieties.

Best foods for a 6-Month Old Baby?


Before going on with the list, please avoid salt and sugar for the baby until the age of one, as it puts unwanted stress on their kidneys.

So, here is the list of healthy food items for a 6-month old baby:

1. Fruits Puree: Fruits can be steamed and mashed or pureed to be given as their first solid food. The popular fruits that are given as baby foods are apple, banana, pear, avocado, chikoo, and peach.


 2. Vegetable puree: Vegetables such a sweet potato, potato, carrot, sweet pumpkin, french beans etc. can be steamed and given either as finger food or as a puree.


3. Rice porridge: Rice is a good source of carbohydrates and vitamins for babies. Broken rice can be given as porridge, made in breast milk.


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4. Cereal porridge: It can also be made from a variety of single grain cereals like wheat, millets, barley, oats, etc. in breast milk or formula milk. These cereals can be dried and powdered together or separately, to make a mix for the gruel.


5. Vegetable soup: A variety of vegetables can be boiled in water, and the stock can be used for making soup.


6. Yogurt: Although cow’ milk is not allowed until the age of one for babies,Unsweetened yogurt can be given in moderate amount as an alternative to purees.


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What if Your 6 Months Old Baby is Allergic to a Particular Food?


A baby being allergic to any food may result in the form of vomiting, rashes, pain in the stomach etc. So, if you find there is an allergic reaction, immediately stop the food that you have been giving your baby. And go the best doctor available. Do not compromise on that! You can avoid the allergy-causing food and retry it after few months.

Coming to the topic, what food groups to start with – is a question that crosses every mother’s mind. While there is a wide range of options to choose from, it remains pertinent to remember that not all food ingredients suit all babies.


Every baby is unique and may develop unique tastes. This may also be true amongst 2 babies in the same family. Further, the ability of the baby to effectively digest newly introduced food groups will determine the pace of introduction of food items.

So if we told you there are ready-to-use food chart for 6 months+ babies, with authentic Indian food ingredients that have been developed with the experience of generations of Indian mothers, would you believe us? It’s true!

The ByGrandma 6 Month Baby Food Chart is a magic tool in your hands, allowing you the power to plan a perfect food chart for your precious baby

How to feed solids to a 6 Months Baby?

Feeding babies can be a daunting task for mothers. Here are some tips to make your mealtime happy and stress-free.

  • Always start slowly, with just one or two spoons and proceed to give more if the baby likes the taste of the new food.
  • Introduce only one new food at a time and wait for the baby to respond to it, before starting another new food.
  • Follow the 3-day wait rule and note down all the new dishes that the baby takes for troubleshooting when there is an allergic reaction.
  • Do not give lumps in food or finger foods for babies as small as six months, as it sometimes causes gagging and even choking.
  • Dedicate a calm and quiet place for feeding every single day to establish a feeding routine.
  • Avoid distraction feeding.
  • Prepare and store the baby food in sterilized steel or glass bowls instead of plastic containers.
  • Give only homemade food for 6 months baby as their digestive system is still immature.

What’s more?

The ByGrandma Baby Food Chart can be conveniently downloaded and viewed on a smartphone or mobile device.

The first time you introduce solids, you need to ensure the baby is physically developed to sit upright on a high-seat unassisted and is able to move food to the back of the mouth using up and down jaw movements. As the food is generally in pureed/ porridge form, it is expected to slide safely down the throat. A common method of feeding is using a baby spoon, which is available in different sizes.

With ByGrandma Baby Food Chart, keeping track of your baby’s diet is so easy now!

Make the right choice. The smart choice. Happy feeding!

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